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Bar knives are a bartender's tool, which, unlike table knives, have a sharper blade and a comfortable handle. The equipment is usually used for slicing fruits or grinding other components. The forked sharp edge allows you to experiment with shaped cutting of products, which are then used to decorate cocktails.

Types of bar knives

Bar knives have an impressive range of options. Such equipment is characterized by a comfortable handle and a short blade, since working with fruits and berries usually does not require too long knives. But still the choice of goods is wide:

  • shape of the knife - usually pay attention to the tip, which can be classic sharp or forked, which makes the tool also a convenient equipment for decorative cutting of products;
  • blade material – if the handle can be made of different materials and this characteristic does not particularly attract the client’s attention, then the blade material is important for successful and long-lasting work. High-quality knives are made from stainless steel.

Features when choosing

The choice of bar knives is based on the specific purposes for which you plan to use them. If the bartender does not work with decorative elements, a standard knife is enough for him. But for those who plan to create original fruit shapes or beautifully slice citrus fruit zest to decorate cocktail glasses, you should definitely consider forked tips instead of points.

Knives are also judged by the shape of the handle. It should be convenient, which is very important for restaurants, since staff often have to use this tool and working with it should be enjoyable and not create discomfort.

Features when choosing

We present the most popular options for bar knives, which are in demand by customers along with high-quality tableware. Such tools help you work quickly and efficiently to delight your visitors with delicious and beautiful cocktails. Therefore, our customers always choose stylish and high-quality knives for their establishments.

They trust us because over the years we have established ourselves as a store of high-quality restaurant equipment. Products from Complex-bar are stylish, comfortable and durable. Customers can place an order and soon receive it in any corner of the country.