Flaring bottles

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    Flaring bottles are special glassware for bartenders, designed to organize spectacular cocktail preparations. Unlike other containers for mixing ingredients, these bottles allow you to create a real show, designed to attract the attention of guests and effectively serve drinks.

    Assortment of bottles for flaring

    Flaring bottles have the same shape. These are standard bottles with a long narrow neck, which is complemented by a tight lid. Ingredients are added to them, which are then thoroughly mixed in the process of active rotation and juggling with the original shaker, turning into a delicious cocktail.

    Inventory is produced in different volumes. The choice depends on how much drink the client needs to prepare. Bar containers are made of plastic or glass. Plastic dishes are especially relevant for training purposes, but they are also great for work.

    This category differs significantly in design. The products are different and can be complemented with phosphorescent finishes to achieve a non-standard effect in the semi-darkness of the bar.

    Why choose us

    The online store Complex-Bar presents to its customers excellent bottles for flaring in various sizes. We have collected interesting proposals that will allow you to put on a real bright show on the bar counter.

    All products are of high quality, because we carefully select tableware for the restaurant business. It is possible to arrange delivery throughout the country.

    Our managers work quickly and harmoniously, so all applications are processed in a short time. Your favorite restaurant and bar supplies will be delivered in just days so you can wow your customers with incredible signature recipes.