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Heating equipment is the basis without which the operation of a restaurant, bar or catering establishment is impossible. Chefs prepare a wide variety of dishes every day on frying surfaces and stoves.

Restaurateurs pay special attention to the choice of heating equipment. Experienced business owners select the most productive models with advanced functionality.

Selection of equipment on the Complex-Bar website

The Complex-Bar website presents the widest selection of the latest heating equipment for bars, restaurants and cafes of any format. You can profitably order in bulk from us:

  • Ovens, pancake makers and stoves.
  • Equipment for low temperature cooking.
  • Deep fryers, grills and toasters.
  • Steamers, steam tables and fondue.
  • Smoke aromatization devices.
  • Professional coffee equipment.

From the Complex-Bar company you can purchase equipment for preparing specific dishes, for example, French fries, grilled meat and vegetables, etc.

Thermal equipment for catering and restaurant establishments greatly facilitates the work of cooks and their assistants. Using rice cookers, pancake makers and convection ovens, you can significantly speed up the process of preparing dishes in the kitchen, thereby reducing the waiting period for customers to order.

By purchasing high-quality and reliable heating equipment, you can significantly expand the list of dishes, making the menu of a bar, restaurant or cafe more attractive and interesting.

For example, special grill units for panini are becoming increasingly popular. Hot sandwiches prepared by professional chefs have an unsurpassed taste.

Classic cast iron grills with lids do not lose their popularity either. On our website you can select and order different models of such installations. This is indispensable equipment for the kitchen of a large restaurant, offering visitors an expanded menu with dishes from different countries.

Inside the spacious containers you can cook large pieces of meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood. The dishes will turn out juicy and aromatic, which means that restaurant guests will be satisfied. Gourmets will want to visit the establishment more than once, inviting relatives, friends and work colleagues with them.

Equipment for different purposes

In our online catalog you can buy heating equipment of various types in bulk. For example, comfortable professional pancake makers with one or two burners. Today, such devices are installed even in supermarkets. Delicious and satisfying pancakes can be prepared in front of customers, offering various toppings to suit every taste.

Also on our website you can buy microwave ovens, dehydrators and pizza ovens and large industrial combi ovens designed for preparing several dishes.

Thermal equipment from well-known global manufacturers in our assortment fully meets the standards of convenience, safety and quality. We sell kitchen appliances at wholesale prices. Delivery within Moscow is possible.

To buy heating equipment for a cafe, bar or restaurant, just call +7 (495) 411-90-60. Qualified employees will tell you in detail about the capabilities and design features of the equipment offered by the Kompleks-Bar online store.