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Cutlery covers are an indispensable accessory, without which it is impossible to properly set a table in a restaurant, bar or cafe. An establishment that values its reputation will not allow itself to miss such a detail, since demanding visitors strictly evaluate every nuance.

Offer from the company "Complex-Bar"

If you are planning to purchase high-quality covers for a restaurant, then you have come to the right place. Our website offers a wide range of stylish products of different types and colors.

With us you can quickly find and buy the necessary cutlery covers with or without a smell. Products made in the form of standard white envelopes are very popular. A rich palette of colors allows you to accurately match the corporate colors of a restaurant, bar or cafe.

Modern fabrics for jackets:

  • Resistant to mechanical damage.
  • They do not wrinkle and maintain a neat appearance for a long time.
  • Thanks to the stylish design, they effectively complement the table setting.

The cleanliness and neatness of placing cutlery in cuverts speaks volumes. First of all, correctly presented instruments inspire confidence. Shiny, neat forks, spoons and knives are a pleasure to use at the table, without doubting their hygienic cleanliness.