Dispensers for clamps

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Dispensers for clamps are small devices for dispensing drinks. They look like a small cap with a neat spout that fits tightly on the bottle and ensures that the contents are supplied in small portions.

Assortment of dispensers for clamps

Bottle dispensers are very convenient and therefore in demand. The equipment is available in different options. Such clips mainly differ in the quality of the material - there are proposals made of stainless steel with metal noses. Other options are made of black or white plastic.

Dispensers should have a high-quality and simple fastening - usually a clamp that allows you to easily move the dispensers to other bottles. The equipment is reusable, widely used in bars and restaurants, and relevant in coffee shops, so close attention is always paid to its appearance and quality characteristics.

Why choose us

We offer bottle dispenser options that will provide convenient dosage of drinks from any container. Such simple devices make the work of bartenders much easier, which is why they are so relevant in recent years.

Our company is always attentive to the selection of the assortment that we place on the pages of the catalog. We have the best suppliers, trusted manufacturers, we work with products that have proven themselves to be excellent. Therefore, our clients use only the best equipment in their work.

We have thought out a convenient store interface and offer the possibility of delivering products throughout the country so that everyone can afford excellent restaurant tools.