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Clean water is the key to health, but, unfortunately, the taps do not always contain truly clean water suitable for cooking. When it comes to restaurants and bars, using bottled water is inconvenient, since you need to constantly replenish its supply. In this case, water filters are much more relevant.

Types of water filters

Filters are designed to purify water. These are special elements that purify water from salts, chlorine and other elements that negatively affect taste and quality. There are different filter options:

  • flow-through - installed on the tap to get clean water. Very easy to use;
  • filter jug - the jug contains a special cartridge through which water is purified, it is convenient and easy to use, but it provides only a limited amount of water.

Recently, restaurants have been trying to use special systems that allow them to immediately purify running water and receive it in unlimited quantities. This is important because it saves cooks time.

Features when choosing

When choosing water filters, take into account the degree of water pollution in the region in order to select the appropriate cartridges. Since the options are different, it is always possible to find something that will allow you to achieve ideal purity and pleasant taste.

Customer flow is also taken into account. With a small load, sometimes simple filters or jugs with cleaning cartridges are enough. But when restaurants are heavily loaded, it is better to give preference to systems that are installed at the sink and allow you to immediately receive water in the required volume.

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