Mats for sushi and rolls

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The art of making rolls requires the use of auxiliary tools, including special mats for sushi and rolls. Small bamboo rugs resemble mats. They are used to tightly roll sushi and give it a special shape.

Assortment of sushi mats

Sushi lovers always keep in their arsenal the most necessary tools that may be required for their preparation and consumption. These are Japanese chopsticks, flat serving dishes and bamboo mats, because not a single process can be done without them.

Typically, rugs have a standard appearance - a dense weave of bamboo strips, which gives the product softness. They twist easily to give recipes a perfect round or square shape if needed. They are difficult to replace with something else, so it is better to immediately purchase a suitable set of tools for preparing this amazing dish.

Regardless of whether a rug is chosen for a restaurant or home, it is important that it is of high quality. This is the only way to get the best shape and hold the rice tightly together. Therefore, when selecting a product, an important condition is its softness, the ability to roll up quickly and easily, so that even at home you can get delicious maki rolls or Philadelphia rolls from any product.

Why choose us

Our store has the best mats for making rolls and sushi. We have collected only those options that already have many positive reviews. They are simple, but comfortable, easy to care for, and durable.

You can immediately choose a small set for preparing Japanese delicacies, in which the client will find everything necessary for tasting such delicious dishes. Offers in stylish packaging can be a stylish gift for a connoisseur of oriental cuisine or for those who are just learning to cook real sushi at home.