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    Rimmers are auxiliary equipment for bartenders, used to decorate the edges of glasses. Such equipment has become popular in recent years, since the presence of a beautiful strip along the edge of the wine glass not only adds sophistication to the presentation, but also changes the taste of the contents. Therefore, bars are increasingly experimenting with decoration options, and using rimmers for convenient work with dishes.

    Types of rimmers

    Bar tools such as rimmers are available in different options. Despite the fact that such equipment is considered not the most necessary and can be easily replaced with a classic saucer, rimmers have certain advantages, which contributes to the growth of their popularity. All that remains is to determine the appropriate option in accordance with the standard characteristics:

    • material – usually rimmers are made of plastic, but you can also choose stylish options made of stainless steel;
    • number of bowls – standard rimmers have three bowls into which you can pour various additives for decoration, but there are other offers for a smaller number of containers.

    Rimmers must have lids, which after use allow you to cover the contents of the bowls so that they are not affected by various environmental factors. It is very convenient and practical.

    Features when choosing

    When choosing rimmers, always evaluate the number of bowls and the presence of lids for them. In this case, the lids must fit tightly so that the contents do not deteriorate or change their quality under the influence of environmental factors.

    Typically, the optimal solution is considered to be proposals designed for three bowls, in which salt, sugar and lemon shavings are placed according to the standard. You can use them separately or dip the edges of the glass into several components at once.

    Why choose us

    The online store of the Complex-Bar company offers current rimmers that are in demand among bartenders. We always have high-quality and modern products necessary for bartenders to work effectively.

    We have established successful cooperation with trusted suppliers who offer products only from the world's leading manufacturers. All products for the restaurant business presented by us have been tested by customers. Therefore, we guarantee everyone durability in use and promise that working with our tools will definitely become even more pleasant and comfortable.