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Cold brew coffee machines are used to prepare an original drink. This is special equipment for brewing coffee with cold water, a trendy drink of recent seasons.

Types of settings for cold brew coffee

Cold brew is a new, original method of brewing coffee. Its cardinal difference is that instead of hot water they use cold water and leave it for several hours. The recipe would seem simple: just add delicious ground coffee, fill it with water and leave for 8 to 24 hours, depending on what taste and concentration you want to get in the end. But there are nuances. For preparation, you do not need an ordinary coffee maker, but a special installation that promotes ideal opening of the ground beans during cold extraction.

To get a unique coffee taste when infusing with cold water, it is better to use special equipment. It is installed in bars and restaurants to treat customers to an amazing drink with pronounced sweetness and minimal bitterness. Different settings are used:

  • plastic models for 1-3 cups;
  • spectacular glass containers for 5-10 cups;
  • nitro towers to serve a large number of guests.

There is a wide choice, so you can prepare a cold drink in an original way in restaurants, coffee shops or at home.

Why choose us

In addition to standard coffee machines, filters and special tools for uniform distribution and compaction of coffee of various grinds, the online store offers original equipment. The catalog presents stylish and convenient installations for cold brew coffee. This is a new word in the coffee business, an opportunity to expand the menu and attract customers who do not refuse to discover non-standard tastes and try original recipes.