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    Teapots are an essential element of the tea table. The restaurant business uses special equipment that greatly simplifies the work of waiters, allows you to quickly prepare a delicious drink with a rich taste, and even maintains the temperature for some time.

    Types of teapots

    Kettles for brewing tea or making coffee are so different. They all have the same purpose, but differ in certain parameters:

    • material - the dishes can be stylish glass with transparent walls, behind which the color of the drink is clearly visible, porcelain, which is typical for classic products, or metal with additional functions;
    • volume – the teapot is impressive in the number of options, as manufacturers today offer stylish glass or porcelain options designed for several cups or large teapots for organizing events that hold several liters of drinks;
    • additional options - kettles may have special functions, for example, a filter for brewing or ground coffee, a thermostat.

    Features when choosing

    A good teapot model is a dish that is attractive in design, harmonizes with the cups and saucers on the table if it is intended to be used for table setting, and also performs all the required functions.

    Most often, when choosing, they evaluate the material - glass fits perfectly with modern cups, porcelain is suitable for classic serving. And metal kettles with thermostats and temperature maintenance functions will help organize an excellent buffet.

    The volume depends on the number of invited guests. For a romantic evening, a small teapot for a couple of cups is enough. The party will go perfectly if you choose a 0.5 liter teapot. And for the holidays it is better to pay attention to more spacious dishes.

    Why choose us

    In our store you will always find the best teapots that will help you think through table settings. We have collected stylish and convenient dishes in the catalog that have excellent reviews from customers.

    Our motto is to guarantee quality to our customers. Therefore, we cooperate exclusively with trusted suppliers and constantly try to update our range so that our customers have access to new products on the market. Delivery available throughout the country.