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    It's hard to imagine a kitchen without towels. These can be paper, linen, cotton, terry or waffle models, but any housewife must have them on hand. They are used both in everyday life and in restaurants, cafes and other public catering places. Therefore, many owners of public institutions strive to buy towels wholesale in Moscow.

    Product Features

    Natural models remove water and dirt well. Paper options are highly absorbent, so rolls are often used for wiping hands in public toilets.

    Advantages of paper towels in rolls:

    1. Hygiene. The sheets are intended for one-time use.
    2. Ease of use.
    3. Durability and softness. The models are pleasant to the touch and do not cause allergic reactions or discomfort.
    4. Versatility. A paper towel is used to wipe hands, food, kitchen furniture, and equipment.
    5. Absorbs moisture well, removes grease and dirt.

    Waffle products are also convenient and practical. They do not leave streaks even on crystal and glass surfaces. They are characterized by: long service life, beautiful appearance, effective use, and environmental friendliness. This textile allows you to significantly save your budget, as it is made from inexpensive materials.

    You can buy a high-quality towel in the Kompleks-Bar company store. Our assortment includes both cheap economy options and expensive white products that will find a place in elite establishments.

    The online store is as clear as possible. If you have any questions about registration, price, delivery, call or write to the manager.