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Towel stands - you've probably already seen such accessories in establishments. It is the small holder for wet towels on the table that emphasizes the high level of the restaurant and care for guests.

Types of stands

A towel holder is a special stand for placing a small towel with which guests can dry their hands before eating without moving specifically to the bathroom for this. Although sometimes such accessories can be found above the sink, especially when there is no hanger or you need to serve a towel directly to a specific guest.

Towel holders have the form of an oblong plate, which is conveniently placed next to the cutlery on the table. It is light and stylish, usually has a laconic design, since when presented, it is the roll of the towel that catches the eye, and not the stand itself. But this does not exclude the fact that the model must be chosen carefully. Moreover, manufacturers offer various options:

    • wooden - simple but stylish, solid in appearance, neat and discreet plates;
    • metal - can be solid or with perforated holes; they also have the simplest design, which impresses precisely with its laconicism.

Features when choosing

If the quality of the material is high, it does not matter which option is preferred. Wood and metal are equally easy to care for and durable; they are great for placing small towels for the kitchen, as well as paper napkins, if the establishment provides this option for providing guests with hand hygiene products.

The shape is always oblong, as it ensures comfortable placement of the towel. The design is most often unpretentious and simple, but at the same time it always looks advantageous next to any dishes.

Why choose us

The catalog of our store presents to our customers a variety of products that are relevant for creating a special atmosphere in restaurants and cafes. Among the offers you can find special plates for towels, which will emphasize the excellent level of the establishment.

We guarantee the high quality of all kitchen utensils, and also offer delivery of goods throughout the country, so that customers can enjoy stylish accessories, regardless of whether they are in stores in the city.