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Making coffee is easy, especially if you use modern coffee machines. The market is replete with numerous offers of portable, inexpensive coffee makers or large multifunctional devices for preparing coffee drinks. But compact devices are not enough for coffee shops and restaurants. In this area, it is important to choose professional equipment with a long service life.

Types of coffee machines

There are different types of coffee machines. Each type has its own characteristics, a list of advantages and disadvantages. But the modern market offers several basic models that are especially popular:

  • levered - the process is controlled by special levers, which the barista is able to work with only after preparation;
  • semi-automatic - the process is half automated, but it is important for the barista to monitor the coffee parameters and control the filling of the cup;
  • automatic – the process is fully automated, no control over cooking is needed;
  • superautomatic - the process begins after pressing just a couple of buttons, the rest of the equipment will do for you.

There is plenty to choose from, so restaurants and coffee shops will always be able to choose the option that fully meets the requirements of the establishment.

Features when choosing

Choosing equipment for making coffee in cafes and restaurants is often difficult. It is important to find a machine that will make the process as fast and easy as possible, and at the same time, the taste of the coffee will be revealed by numerous shades of grain.

Semi-automatic equipment is considered a popular option for this. The barista independently controls the settings, controls the temperature and amount of coffee to get a soft and rich taste.

For beginners who still find it difficult to manage the settings, the best solution would be an automatic professional coffee machine. Super-automatic machines are usually installed in halls where self-service is expected.

Why choose us

Professional equipment for coffee shops and restaurants is represented in the company's catalog by the best names. Coffee machines have excellent characteristics, are easy to use and durable. These are the options that are now in particular demand among owners of various establishments. Choose what you see on the catalog pages; any model will be an excellent solution for running a cafe.