Cooling and disinfection cabinets

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Often, in the kitchen of a cafe or restaurant you can see a cabinet for ready-made dishes. This professional equipment can be designed for heating or cooling cooked food. It ensures the preservation of dishes in the desired condition for a given time.

There are also ovens and cabinets for disinfecting knives and gastronorm containers. In some cases, such heating equipment is used to heat dishes and then serve hot dishes in them. Another point of application is proofing dough.

Models differ from each other in size, power and the presence of additional functions, such as humidification.

In our catalog you will find a large selection of products:

  • heating cabinets for ready meals;
  • cabinets for sterilization of equipment;
  • food containers, trays and carts;
  • dispensers, slicers and much more.

We offer products of excellent quality at affordable prices, and arrange delivery throughout Russia.

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