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    Induction cookers have recently become especially popular among housewives. Cooking with them is convenient, fast, and the food turns out delicious. But there is one difficulty - such household appliances require special dishes. Not all pots and pans that can be used on a gas or electric stove are suitable for induction. Induction adapters help solve this problem.

    Types of induction adapters

    Cookware for induction cooking must have ferromagnetic properties. Not all pots have such a layer, but how difficult and expensive it is to update the assortment of kitchen utensils. To avoid this, special small adapters are used, which create the desired layer with magnetic properties.

    Induction adapters become indispensable assistants when cooking on an induction cooker. Thanks to them, you can use any utensils. Due to their popularity, manufacturers offer customers a variety of product options that differ in several basic parameters:

    • diameter - it must correspond to the parameters of the burner and the size of the bottom of the pan;
    • surface features - the number of layers and thickness in cm changes the speed and quality of cooking;
    • design - usually it is simple and concise, but sometimes there are non-standard options.

    Operating principle and structure of the adapter

    Externally, the product resembles an ordinary pancake frying pan. Simply put, it is a thin disk consisting of several layers. For convenience, a handle is provided. The device is made of durable, wear-resistant steel, susceptible to the effects of magnets. The main purpose of the product is to adapt ordinary frying pans, kettles and saucepans to the induction hob model.

    The adapter works according to the following algorithm:

    • The induction coil heats the surface of the panel.
    • Heat flows to the disk.
    • The temperature of the adapter rises, and the device becomes a kind of burner for a regular electric stove.
    • The cookware absorbs heat and the dish begins to cook.

    Features when choosing

    Adapters are available in different sizes. When choosing, it is important to take into account the parameters of the pot or frying pan so that it does not protrude beyond the edge of the adapter. The density of the adapter is important, but in general, a high-quality low version copes with its tasks perfectly if it is a product from a trusted manufacturer.

    Pay attention to the presence of a removable handle. Since the disk heats up during cooking, it is difficult to remove it immediately from the surface. A small handle allows you to quickly replace adapters.

    Why choose us

    In our online store, customers can buy high-quality adapters for induction cookers at a reasonable price. We have an excellent selection of equipment necessary for preparing dishes in different dishes. Always exceptionally high-quality products, as we cooperate with trusted manufacturers.

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