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    Percolators are special kettles for making coffee, the operating principle of which resembles a geyser coffee maker. The operating process is simple: when heated, water rises to the filter with ground coffee, filters through it and the finished drink ends up in a separate container. The equipment has proven itself to be an excellent option for setting tables during large events, such as buffets or organizing a buffet.

    Types of percolators

    Percolators have the same principle of operation, but manufacturers offer different types of equipment. They differ in several characteristics:

    • volume – percolators are available in different sizes, so they can prepare different amounts of coffee;
    • productivity - the higher it is, the faster the electric kettle will prepare a large portion of a tasty drink;
    • additional functions - many percolators have additional options, for example, a drip tray, a thermostat to select the optimal temperature, or overheat protection.

    Features when choosing

    Choosing percolators becomes a difficult task for beginners. We recommend that you first pay attention to the capacity, so that with the help of this convenient equipment you can serve a sufficient number of guests. The larger the restaurant, the larger the scale of the event, the greater the volume and productivity you need to choose so that the device does not work at the limit of its capabilities. This simultaneously extends its service life.

    The material is also evaluated. Stainless steel is preferred as it is a metal that is easy to clean, durable and strong. Individual parts are made of high quality plastic.

    Why choose us

    Our online store offers percolators of various sizes. We always have the most popular thermostat models in stock, which will provide delicious coffee to all guests.

    We select manufacturers who specialize in creating modern equipment for buffets. Therefore, all devices impress with their quality and long-lasting performance.

    We have a convenient store interface, a well-thought-out catalog with detailed descriptions of products, which gives customers the opportunity to easily make the right choice. We collect all orders as quickly as possible and send them to all regions of the country.