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    Sauces for food serve as an excellent additive that allows the flavor to develop to its maximum. They are used for many recipes, ranging from sweet desserts to fish and meat dishes.

    Types of sauces

    Sauces come in many varieties. Today it is easy to choose a delicious additive for any dish that gives it unique accents. The main palette of flavors is represented by the following options:

    • sweet sauces - perfect for sweets if they are fruit or berry offerings, and some options are in perfect harmony with meat, salads or other products;
    • hot sauces - lovers of spicy food will appreciate them, as this is a wonderful ingredient that adds pepper;
    • creamy sauces - they are most often used for making pasta or instead of mayonnaise in salads;
    • spicy sauces - can be relevant for fish or meat recipes.

    Sauce is more than just an additive. Sometimes they are added as an excellent base when preparing a delicious dish. Some options are used as a marinade to add juiciness to the products.

    Features when choosing

    It’s easy to prepare a unique recipe with sauces from trusted manufacturers. Even simple homemade dishes will sparkle in a new way if you correctly select the optimal taste of the component.

    The choice usually depends on taste preferences. Thanks to the incredible palette of flavors, it’s easy to create your own collection of products that will help diversify your menu.

    Also, when selecting sauces, chefs carefully consider the choice of dishes on the menu. If meat predominates in the assortment, savory or hot sauces become optimal. Italian restaurants focus on creamy flavors, tomato sauces or olive oil-based products.

    Why choose us

    Our company Complex Bar specializes in supplying products for the restaurant business. That's why we have an excellent selection of sauces for every taste. We always carefully select our assortment and offer products in our store only from trusted manufacturers.

    Our suppliers always offer new products on the market, which we quickly deliver to our customers. We have a high level of service, fast delivery, and the ability to receive goods as soon as possible in any region of the country.