Manual coffee grinders

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Despite the active use of electrical equipment, manual coffee grinders still remain relevant. Therefore, along with multifunctional models, manufacturers present a selection of excellent manually operated products. They are stylish and comfortable, perfectly used in everyday life and appreciated among coffee lovers.


Mechanical coffee grinders allow you to quickly grind coffee to get an incredibly tasty and aromatic drink. For proper grinding, it is important to choose the right model; there are two main types:

  • eastern - the funnel for grains has the shape of a cone and is located on top, where there is also a handle for starting the mill;
  • European ones - a funnel for grains is also on top, at the bottom there is a box for ground grains, on the side there is a handle, the rotation of which starts the work of the millstone.

Both models do an excellent job, grinding coffee beans perfectly to end up with a drink with a delicate aroma. The only caveat is that in such devices it is impossible to grind a large number of grains, and the process is slow compared to electric models.

Features when choosing

Choosing a manual coffee grinder is sometimes difficult, as you need to pay attention to several important nuances. Buyers appreciate the capacity of the funnel and the presence of a convenient drawer for ground coffee. It is also important that the equipment has the ability to adjust the degree of grinding of the grain in order to prepare the drink according to all the rules.

Always pay attention to the design of the coffee grinder, its style and body material. After all, this is often not only a good tool for grinding grain, but also a stylish element of the interior. It decorates the room and gives it a special charm. In cafes and restaurants, manual coffee grinders are also often used to add an accent.

Why choose us

In our store we have selected the best manual coffee grinders that are presented by manufacturers today. We have a large assortment of different types, which differ in type, shape and design, as well as in price. At the same time, companies carefully ensure that all prices are affordable, since only this will allow customers to choose only the best product in accordance with their preferences, regardless of financial capabilities.

Add charm to your establishment with a stylish manual coffee grinder and treat your guests to incredible coffee made from freshly ground quality beans.