How to brew coffee in a funnel and what is the pour-over method

Как заваривать кофе в воронке и что такое метод пуровер

In this article we will talk about how to create that perfect cup of coffee that all coffee lovers in the world dream of in the morning.

No, this is not just coffee in a funnel, this is real art! Let's take a look into this magical world and reveal all the secrets of such a simple but truly fascinating cooking method.

Pour over method

Part 1: The Birth of an Idea

The Hario V60 funnel is the creation of the Japanese company Hario , whose history began more than 100 years ago. In those days, coffee was prepared in large steel filters, and the taste, of course, was not always perfect - it often tasted of iron or coffee residue. But, as often happens, it was precisely because of imperfection that the idea of perfection was born.

Part 2: The Improvement Process

The story takes us back to the 1950s, when Hario engineers began working on a new method of making coffee. They wanted to create a method that not only highlighted the aromas and flavors of coffee, but also allowed coffee enthusiasts to experiment with each cup on their own.

It was at this time that the first version of the V60 funnel appeared. Its feature is a cone-shaped design and spiral ribs inside, ensuring uniform water flow. It was a revolution in the world of coffee!

Part 3: Aesthetics and Ritual

However, in addition to functionality, Hario paid special attention to design. The V60 funnel has become a true work of art, embodying simplicity and elegance.

Paying tribute to the pioneers, it is worth noting that since then funnels have been produced in all parts of the world, the form has acquired new additions and devices, and there are a great many brands producing coffee funnels.

Today, a coffee funnel is not only a beautiful thing. This is a real coffee ritual. You weigh and grind coffee beans, pour hot water in a circular motion, watching the coffee “open ” and “bloom .” It is a process inspired by art that connects us with the very essence of this complex, multi-faceted drink.

pour over

What do you need to make pour over coffee?

Perfect coffee recipe

Once you have your ingredients and tools ready, let's move on to the most important part - making coffee. Follow this recipe to brew your most delicious cup or come up with your own recipe - after all, masterpieces are born in experiments!


  • 30 g freshly roasted coffee beans
  • 500 ml of clean water (temperature 90-95°C)
  • Funnel
  • Funnel filter
  • Scales and timer

Step 1: Preparing the water

Heat clean filtered water until almost boiling. Determine how many servings of coffee you want to make. If it is a single serving, place the funnel directly on the glass or cup. If you are making multiple servings, use a special coffee kettle or French press flask.

Step 2: Preparing the Coffee Beans

Weigh the amount of coffee beans on a coffee scale before grinding. Typically, for every 100 ml of water, use 7 grams of coffee. For example, for one serving (255 ml) we need 18 grams of coffee. The coffee grind should be about as coarse as sea salt.

Step 3: Install Funnel and Filter

Place a glass, cup or coffee jug on the scale. Place a dripper funnel on the scale and install a paper filter in it.

Step 4: Pre-strain

Fill the funnel and filter with a small amount of hot water to warm the glass and eliminate the papery taste in the drink. Leave the water in the glass for a short time, then pour it out.

Step 5: Preparing the Coffee

Pour the ground coffee into the filter and shake it lightly to evenly distribute the coffee granules.

Step 6: Initial Strait

Press the TARE button on the scale to reset it to zero. Start slowly pouring hot water into the center of the funnel, there should be twice as much water as the amount of coffee. For example, if you have 18 grams of coffee, pour 36 milliliters of water.

Step 7: Blooming or Flowering

Let the coffee steep for 35-40 seconds. At this point, the coffee granules will begin to bubble and swell, which is called blooming .” This is that magical moment when coffee reveals all its flavor and aromatic properties.

Step 8: Process

Slowly and evenly pour the remaining amount of water through the filter. Try to complete the process within 2 minutes. You can keep track of time by adding 50 milliliters of water every 25 seconds.

Step 9: Enjoy

When all the water has passed through the coffee, your coffee drink is ready! Enjoy the aroma and taste of a magical drink prepared using the pour-over method.

pourover doppio

Remember to experiment by adjusting your coffee to water ratio, changing coffee beans, and exploring new flavors. This is the beauty of coffee culture - the endless possibilities to create something unique. And we are always happy to support you with a wide range of coffee accessories!

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