New taste experiences from ODK: unique dry mixes are already on sale!

New taste experiences from ODK: unique dry mixes are already on sale!

It is with great pleasure that we present you the latest addition to our range: three unique dry drink mixes from the famous Italian brand ODK.

Advantages of dry mixes:

Process Optimization: Reduce your beverage preparation time with ODK products

Ready-made dry mixes save valuable time that you can spend serving guests. All you need is to mix the required amount of product with water, milk or other ingredients. Thanks to ODK's innovative concept, enjoying great taste is more accessible than ever.

Efficiency and Space Saving

Forget about having to store multiple ingredients for making drinks. Each can of ODK dry mix contains unique ingredients selected by professional Italian mixologists and can transform and diversify the drink menu in any establishment.

Consistently high quality drinks

Thanks to drink recipes based on ODK dry mixes, you can regularly delight your customers with the highest quality drinks. With ODK, the phrase “Me as usual” takes on new meaning. After all, every time you will reproduce the same original taste that impressed your guests.

New items:

  • Frozen Mocha Frappe is a masterful fusion of chocolate and coffee.
    ODK Frozen Mocha Frapp? amazes with the art of combining the delicious taste of chocolate and the aroma of coffee. Suitable for making milkshakes and coffee-based frappes.
  • Hot Chocolate Silky Smooth – tenderness in every sip!
    ODK Silky Smooth is an ideal choice for lovers of delicate hot chocolate with a rich chocolate aroma and bitter notes of cocoa. Just add milk to enjoy the drink and set the mood. Also good for use in coffee drinks.
  • Masala tea ODK Spiced Chai Tea is an exotic tea with spices.
    A mixture with tea extract, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, cardamom and cloves is an excellent alternative to the usual hot drinks. It has a rich palette of taste and character that will captivate lovers of spicy aromas. Suitable for preparing all types of hot drinks, as well as coffee-based drinks.

Don't miss the opportunity to add new flavors to your range! Turn making drinks into an art with ODK!

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