Nude presents: 7 great collections

Nude presents: 7 great collections

The Complex-Bar assortment now includes new collections of exquisite glasses from the famous Nude Glass brand.


The Nude Refine collection includes a series of elegant and at the same time durable glasses. The sturdy base and tall, thin stem are topped with a traditional bowl with a conical rim designed to retain aromas and flavors. The simple design makes this glass suitable for both formal and casual settings.

Stem Zero

The Stem Zero collection is highly durable because it is made using Ion Shielding technology Technology" - the strongest, and at the same time the thinnest lead-free crystal glass in the world. Revolutionary in its simplicity, the Nude Stem Zero collection includes a range of exquisite glasses to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseurs.


The Nude Terroir collection offers an elegant aesthetic focused on comfort and ease of use. Each glass is specially created to convey the aroma of the wine for which it is intended, and is shaped like a drop that flows beautifully into the stem. The minimalist yet expressive aesthetic showcases the beauty of lead-free crystal in its original form.


Elegant, classic and luxurious Nude Vintage is the most extensive of all Nude collections released. From champagne glasses to cognac glasses, from margarita glasses to martini glasses, each piece is crafted from clear lead-free crystal to the highest standards. The versatile design of this series pairs perfectly with other items from the Nude glassware range.


Combining a modern industrial aesthetic with intricate details, the Nude Club collection redefines glassware. The carved base is complemented by a raised ripple pattern that is the centerpiece of each design.

Round Up

Nude's Round Up Collection features sophisticated rounded silhouettes complemented by sweeping vertical lines that create texture and depth. The series includes glasses for red, white and sparkling wine - all of them are handmade from lead-free crystal and are designed to highlight the taste and aroma of your drink.


As durable and timeless as their famous namesake, Churchill glasses exude confidence. Straight walls with vertical edges and a pronounced weighted bottom are just as elegant, as classic as they are. Expertly crafted from lead-free crystal and featuring sparkling light and clarity, the collection's pieces are designed to meet the demands of commercial bars.

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