Foamy-Drops – simple solution for perfect cocktails

Foamy-Drops – simple solution for perfect cocktails

Foamy Drops from the brand C.O.D.E – food grade foaming agent based on  quillaya bark extract. This natural plant component  used as a foaming agent and emulsifier.

The product is created as an alternative to egg white to create fluffy and thick foam, as well as additional texture when preparing cocktails.

Foaming agent has a number of advantages over this product:

  • long shelf life;
  • suitable for vegetarians and people who do not eat raw eggs;
  • small consumption - one bottle will last for a long time;
  • does not affect the taste and color of the drink.

Using the Foamy Drops foaming agent makes it possible to obtain airy and stable foam in a matter of seconds, and this will greatly simplify and speed up the preparation of your drink!

Application features:

Foaming agent can  use  for preparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. It is suitable for any drinks, as it has no pronounced odor and does not change the taste of the cocktail.

Just a few drops of the product are enough to get a beautiful and thick foam that will decorate your drink and add a soft texture.

Foamy Drops from C.O.D.E are now available for order!
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