Paris U’Select: New compact precision grinding mills from Peugeot

Paris U’Select: New compact precision grinding mills from Peugeot

The assortment of the beloved Paris U’Select collection has been replenished with new compact items. Now, in addition to standard sizes, the line includes salt and pepper mills measuring 15 cm. These compact, ergonomic solutions are perfect for table setting and will add zest to your establishment.

We remind you that the main feature of the series is the patented u'Select grinding adjustment system from Peugeot, which offers six preset settings (1 - for the finest grinding and 6 – for the roughest).

The collection includes chocolate salt and pepper grinders painted with eco-friendly water-based paints, light beech salt and pepper grinders and reclaimed wood grinders painted with black eco-friendly water-based paint.

All Peugeot mills are made from wood sourced from PEFC certified forests. PEFC is a forest certification endorsement program that is the world's leading alliance of national forest certification systems. This means that every tree used to make the mills is replenished with a new tree planted, and the forest ecosystem is closely monitored by certified specialists.

Choose ergonomic Peugeot grinders and enjoy the precise grinding, excellent mechanism and impeccable style of the French brand.

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