Exquisite taste and variety: Doppio tea list

Exquisite taste and variety: Doppio tea list

The Doppio brand is expanding its range and introducing a new product - 9 aromatic teas. In the tea list you will find popular teas presented in various flavor profiles - from classic black tea, with a rich aroma and invigorating effect, to delicate green tea, with its refreshing and tonic taste.

As well as fruit and herbal varieties, choose:

  • «Green with jasmine»

  • «Fruit Waltz»
  • «Wild Herbs»
  • «Sencha»
  • «Gunpowder»
  • «Da Hong Pao»
  • «Assam»
  • «Black with thyme»
  • «Earl Grey»

«Green with jasmine». Chinese green tea with jasmine petals and buds. The infusion is light yellow in color with an exquisite taste and delicate floral aroma.

«Fruit Waltz» is a fruity loose leaf tea. It contains: hibiscus, apples, papaya, chokeberry, raisins and rosehip peel. An infusion with a bright, unforgettable taste and aroma, berry and fruit notes. Can be served either hot or chilled.


«Wild Herbs» herbal leaf tea. Rich composition: oregano, lemon balm, mint, black tea, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, papaya pieces, lingonberries, calendula petals, apple and pear pieces. The infusion is light brown in color, rich and aromatic, filled with the freshness of wild herbs. Refreshes and saturates with energy. A wonderful drink for the whole family.

«Sencha» is a Chinese green tea. Fresh, rich taste. The infusion is light green in color with a pleasant delicate aroma.

«Gunpowder» –  Chinese green tea. Rich, tart and slightly bitter taste. The aroma is sweetish, giving off dried fruits and smoke. Suitable for gourmets.

«Da Hong Pao» - turquoise tea. Complex, rich taste and slightly baked aftertaste, turning into sweetness. It contains both soft fruity-floral and oak-cognac notes.

«Assam» is black leaf tea. A strong infusion with a deep velvety taste and a pleasant honey aroma. An excellent invigorating tea to start the day.

Tea «Black with thyme». A combination of the astringency of black tea and the spicy freshness of thyme. The infusion is dark brown in color, rich and velvety, with a pleasant taste and aroma.

«Earl Gray» is a black tea flavored with bergamot oil. The drink has a bright, refreshing taste with notes of citrus and characteristic tartness.

Choose from a wide variety of types and delight your guests with rich and aromatic Doppio teas.


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