New coffee products from Doppio – blends for vending and commerce!

New coffee products from Doppio - blends for vending and commerce!

We are pleased to announce the arrival on sale of the long-awaited new bean and ground coffee!
These blends are suitable for both vending coffee machines and coffee shops of various formats , such as an island, kiosk or cafe.
Blends are developed by coffee industry professionals and are maximally adapted to customer needs.

The line includes 4 new products with unique characteristics:

Blend №8

Composition: 60% Arabica Uganda / 40% Robusta Vietnam

A unique coffee blend that incorporates all the most expressive shades of the African and Asian coffee regions. Blend №8 impresses with its richness and density, rich notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, malt and delicate spices. Pairs perfectly with milk and is ideal for vending machines.

Tasting characteristics:

  • Dense taste
  • Notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts
  • Long coffee aftertaste

Blend №15

Composition: 50% Arabica Brazil Cerrado / 50% Robusta Vietnam

Perfectly balanced combination of velvety coffee foam with a rich, bright coffee taste. The dense body of the drink looks great in milk variations, providing a recognizable deep classic coffee note and a long aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Tasting characteristics:

  • Velvety creamy foam
  • Dense, rich body
  • Long aftertaste of dark chocolate

Blend Vending

Composition: 40% Arabica Brazil / 60% Robusta Vietnam

A coffee that combines the density of the drink with moderate bitterness, complemented by delicious nutty and caramel notes. This balanced, versatile blend is made possible by dark roasting the coffee beans to create the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. Excellent for use in vending machines and classic milk coffee drinks.

Tasting characteristics:

  • Dense body of the drink
  • Nut and caramel notes
  • Perfect balance of taste

Vietnam Dambree Falls

Ground coffee 250 g

Composition: 100% Robusta Vietnam Dambree Falls

Universal ground coffee. Strong taste, dense texture, rich aroma - these are the main characteristics of this variety. The taste is classic dark chocolate, nutty and vanilla notes.

Tasting characteristics:

  • Intense coffee taste
  • Dense texture
  • Nut and vanilla notes
  • Aftertaste of dark chocolate
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