Exaltation – art of tasting fine drinks

Exaltation – art of tasting fine drinks

Introducing the Exaltation collection, the expert solution for fine wines, champagne, prosecco or cava. The unique shape of the glasses is inspired by the lily flower, and the bubble maintenance system patented in France (n°FR20014773) will become an essential tool for tasting noble drinks.

The Exaltation collection also includes glasses specially designed for still wines— red, white and rosé. Their oversized bowl with a narrow rim and elongated top ensures optimal oxygenation of the drink, allowing fruity and floral aromas to develop to the maximum. The balance of taste between acidity, tannins and alcoholic component in these glasses is at the highest level.

Exaltation's elegant design reflects the outstanding craftsmanship of the Chef&Sommelier brand. Organic shapes and rounded lines follow the latest trends in the industry, providing appeal to connoisseurs of fine wines. Exaltation is not just a collection of glasses, it is the true art of enjoying wine or champagne. Create a unique experience with this iconic series for your establishment!

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