Sophistication and modern design in the new Rona collections!

Sophistication and modern design in the new Rona collections!

2 new collections of Rona glasses have appeared in the Complex-Bar assortment. We are glad to present you original new products in 2024!

DIVERTO collection is an innovative approach to the professional line of ultra-light glasses. The combination of classic and modern design solutions in one series looks not only progressive, but also organic. Diverto provides the opportunity for a creative approach to table setting and serving drinks.

MEDEA Collection. The refined and sophisticated design of this luxury series will definitely attract your attention. And once this happens, there is no turning back - you are in love. The bold, contemporary curves of the collection's glasses reflect current trends in the fashion world. The Medea series sets a trend in the art of serving drinks.

We remind you that all brand products have the following characteristics:

  • Stylish design and clear sound

Crystal glass guarantees a clear, easily recognizable sound from the glasses.

  • Environmentally friendly

Special composition of glass, does not contain lead and other pollutants and toxins.

  • Increased strength

Products are specially reinforced in those places where they are especially vulnerable.

  • Dishwasher safe

The unique composition of the glass ensures about 1000 cycles of use in dishwashers.

  • Shine and transparency

Guaranteed brilliant shine and perfect transparency of the glasses.

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