How to hold glasses correctly: from wine to brandy

Как правильно держать бокалы: от вина до бренди

In a world where our behavior and manners say a lot about us, even the way we hold a glass can become an indicator of our intelligence and good taste. It's not hard to imagine that a bear hug to a wine glass or an inappropriate protrusion of a pinky finger might leave a different impression than we intended. To avoid such awkwardness, we suggest you read this article so that in any public place, be it a restaurant, a banquet, an official reception or visiting guests, your manners will shine.


A martini glass can be synonymous with luxury, elegance and perfection. However, it's easy to mess things up with him. If you are served a glass of martini, promise yourself to try not to touch the glass . Unless you're planning on downing your glass in one powerful gulp, which would be incredibly cinematic, but at the same time could easily seem like bad taste. Holding a chilled cocktail by the glass will cause the contents of the glass to heat up faster than intended, and you won't be happy with a warm cocktail. If you have difficulty holding the glass by the thin stem, or this is not the first drink of the evening, you can use your free hand to support the base of the glass from below.


The rules for wine glasses have remained simple over the years - never touch the glass . To maintain the temperature and aroma of a great cabernet or fine Bordeaux, hold on to the stem of the glass. This will preserve the taste and aroma of the drink and help you feel its refined character.


The brandy glass is a rare exception to the rule. Feel free to place your hand on the glass so that the stem passes through your middle and ring fingers . Cognac will benefit from the warmth of your hand, which will help release its stunning iconic aromas.


In the case of whiskey, a lot depends on the choice of glass. Classic old fashion has sufficient wall thickness so as not to require excessive delicacy in handling. So you can allow yourself to interact with the entire surface of this glass without much worry.


Champagne certainly demands respect. Regardless of the choice of glass - be it a flute or a wine glass - hold on to the stem . While you might end up gripping the glass a little higher than you should during a fun night out (we totally get you!), try to avoid this as the heat from your hand will transfer into the drink, making it less carbonated and cloudier.


Cocktails are often served over ice, and the right temperature makes a difference. Of course, bartenders around the world create such a wide variety of cocktails and serving methods every year that it is impossible to single out one main rule that could be applied to absolutely all drinks. However, if you're drinking a cold or iced cocktail, try holding the highball closer to the base with your pinky and ring finger underneath . This method will help keep the ice in the glass intact and avoid quickly diluting the cocktail. However, when the evening is already in full swing, the choice is yours - most importantly, do not drop your drink.


When it comes to beer, hold the bottle with two fingers at the top of the neck . This will help minimize the influence of your hand on the temperature of the beer. However, for true connoisseurs of a foamy drink, buying a suitable glass for beer and pouring it respectfully is an immutable rule. There are many different varieties and styles of beer, each with a unique set of flavor and aroma properties. Therefore, for each variety you can choose your own type of glass that will best represent the taste of the drink.

If your beer glass has a stem, hold it as you would a wine glass.

Of course, in this article wedid not consider the immutable laws, breaking which you will immediately show yourself to be an uncouth person. Sometimes even representatives of royal families make mistakes or frivolities in relation to drinks and glasses. However, no one wants to find themselves in a situation where a warm martini ruins the evening, and a lack of delicacy with a wine glass causes confusion among your companions. Therefore, regardless of the type of drink, remember the tips that we discussed in this article and try to apply them (at least at the beginning of the evening).

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