Highball glass: features and varieties

Бокал хайбол: особенности и разновидности

Rum-Cola, gin and tonic, sour whiskey and many other cocktails cannot be imagined without a glass glass. This highball is the real king of the bar counter. A tall glass with a straight bottom forms the basis of the bar collection of glassware. But choosing it is not so easy - you need to know what drinks the legendary highball is intended for, and what its features are.

History of creation

The name highball first appeared in the play My Friend from India, published in 1898. But this word did not denote a piece of utensil, but a drink - whiskey and soda. The same meaning was used in a cocktail recipe published by famous bartender Chris Lawlor in 1895. He suggested mixing whiskey with seltzer and adding ice. Lawlor recommended a “tall ale glass” for glassware.

Researchers claim that the name of the bar glass comes from American railroads. A highball was a ball indicator connected to the water tank of a steam locomotive. The device informed the conductor that there was enough water in the tank and he could continue driving. When the train departed, the conductor gave a signal - two short whistles and one long one. Gradually, the term moved to cocktails consisting of two servings of alcohol and sparkling water.

The famous whiskey producer Tommy Dewar stated that it was he who “discovered the highball”. In 1905, he published an article in which he described how he visited a saloon on Broadway with friends. They ordered whiskey and soda, and the bartender was already preparing to mix the drink in small glasses. Dewar demanded that the order be served in tall glasses. The saloon kept this tradition alive, and it later spread to other bars in New York.

In 1949, the Owners' Guide was published. Its author, Dave Woodrich, recommended using a tall glass for cocktails - clear, spotlessly clean, with a narrow neck so that the soda does not evaporate too quickly. Woodrich suggested placing a few large ice cubes in the bottom, then adding strong alcohol and cold sparkling water. The author warned that you should not stir with a spoon, as this will interfere with the formation of bubbles. Essentially, Woodrich's recipe formalized the purpose of the tall glass.

What drinks is the glass intended for?

What drinks is the glass intended for?

There is a large category of cocktails called highballs, and they all contain strong alcohol, sparkling water and ice . They are originally based on Scotch whiskey. This kind of recipe has been known since the 17th century, when sparkling water was invented in England. It is believed that the Irish were the first to start making whiskey and soda. Later, American bartenders came up with many mixtures that are now considered classics - gin and tonic, brandy cola, vodka and tonic.

The great thing about all highball drinks is that they are easy to drink. They are also easy to prepare - just combine the ingredients in one vessel. No need to shake or stir. Many iconic drinks are created this way, including:

  • Scotch with soda – consists of two ingredients, garnished with a slice of lemon;
  • Tom Collins - made from gin, soda, lemon juice and simple syrup;
  • Americano - made from Campari, sweet vermouth, soda;
  • Screwdriver – consists of orange juice and vodka.

These types of cocktails are extremely popular in Japan. The culture of this country dictates that alcohol should only be consumed during meals. Since strong alcohol is difficult to drink this way, the Japanese dilute it with soda, tonic, and ginger ale.

Features of a classic glass

The simple cylindrical silhouette of the highball is difficult to confuse with other types of barware. It is made only of transparent glass, without edges or patterns on the walls. The thickened bottom with a diameter of 7 cm gives the highball stability.

Classic highball

The product holds from 240 to 350 ml of liquid. This volume is ideal for the composition of most cocktails - 3-4 ice cubes, 1 part strong alcohol, 2 parts soda or juice. The edges of the neckline are quite thin, so they can be decorated with a garnish - a slice of lime, lemon or orange.

The shape of the vessel is designed so that the ice cubes lie vertically on top of each other. This reduces the area of ice in contact with the liquid. Vertical stacking of ice eliminates the need to stir the drink.

The cubes melt more slowly so there is no over-thinning. The narrow neck of a highball glass slows down the evaporation of soda. Due to this, the pleasant sparkling taste remains longer and the aroma is better revealed.

Stores offer a variety of glass products labeled “highball” - faceted, convexglasses or a relief pattern. Premium models are decorated with paintings or shaped stands resembling a short leg. Some bars order glasses with the establishment's logo or tinted in corporate shades. These utensils can be used for highball style cocktails. But the classic option is a transparent vessel with straight walls.

Varieties of highballs

There are two more types of cylindrical glass glasses found in bars - delmonico and collins . There are slight differences in shape and capacity between them.

The smallest of the highball family is the Delmonico glass. Its volume ranges from 140 to 220 ml. This type of cookware first appeared at the New York bar Delmonico, known for its innovative cuisine. Delmonico differs from a classic cocktail glass not only in size, but also in its small convex rim. The small volume of the glass makes it ideal for drinks that are usually drunk slowly while enjoying the aroma. The protruding rim helps to capture all the nuances of taste. Initially, delmonico was used to serve sweet cocktails containing citrus juices. Now it has become a universal container for any product, including straight whiskey.

Another type of highball is Collins. Named after the famous Tom Collin and John Collins cocktails, it surpasses the classic glass in size and volume. The standard Collins holds 280 ml; there are larger models with a capacity of 400 ml. The utensil is intended for drinks containing more than two ingredients, with the addition of soda. The essential ingredients for Collins style cocktails are lemon juice and sugar. Collins now serves any cocktail with ice that does not require stirring, including various versions of mojitos, daiquiris, and greyhounds.

What drinks is it suitable for?

It is believed that each type of highball is suitable when serving a certain type of drink. The correct option for a classic glass with a volume of 240 to 350 ml is simple mixtures consisting of one type of alcohol and soda.

Among them:

  • Gin Rickey;
  • rum-cola;
  • ginger whiskey;
  • vodka with cranberries.

Highball drinks

More complex cocktails are served in large Collins glasses. A classic example is Long Island Iced Tea, which is made with tequila, gin, white rum, Cointreau liqueur, lemon juice and cola. Collins is often used to mix the legendary sour whiskey, margarita, and gin fizz.

Glass Delmonico began his bar career with a cocktail of the same name, consisting of gin, dry and sweet vermouth, cognac and bitters. Now it mixes drinks containing aromatic alcohol, for example, Arnold Palmer, orange Nikki, and sour amaretto.

All highball glasses are considered interchangeable. Many bars use one type of glassware for all drinks.

Rules for choosing a highball

When choosing a bar glass, rely on your own preferences. If you like to experiment with complex cocktails, look for Collins in stores with a volume of 300 ml or more. This utensil is also suitable for serving non-alcoholic drinks - juices, soda, milkshake. If you prefer simple mixtures of strong alcohol and sparkling water, buy a set of classic highballs.

Consider three more factors:

material - usually glass is used for the production of bar utensils. Tempered glass products are a good choice for catering establishments. You can purchase elegant crystal glasses for your home;

care requirements – transparent dishes have to be washed frequently, so it is better to choose dishwasher-compatible options. This is especially important for bars and restaurants. If you need holiday glasses for your home, you can choose crystal products that can only be washed by hand;

design – the appearance of the dishes should reflect the atmosphere of your home or the theme of the establishment. In order not to be mistaken with style, give preference to classic glasses without decorations.

Pay attention to the price - a set of high-quality glass for 6 people cannot cost less than 3,000 rubles.

The best highball manufacturers

When choosing bar glasses, the rating of companies producing these products will help. Five well-known brands deserve good customer reviews:

  • Riedel is an Austrian tableware manufacturer. Offers durable cut crystal highball glasses that are dishwasher safe;
  • Nude is a Turkish brand that creates utensils fromcrystal glass. The products are characterized by increased durability and elegant design;
  • Zwiesel is a German company with 150 years of experience in the tableware market. Produces highballs from crystal and tritan glass with a thickened bottom;
  • Bormioli Luigi is an Italian company engaged in the production of glassware for the home and restaurant business. Presents glasses made of clear and colored glass, in classic and retro style;
  • Probar is a well-known Chinese brand that produces bar equipment and tableware. Cocktail glasses from Probar are distinguished by a bold design - relief patterns, curly bottom.

Products from these manufacturers are sold individually and in sets of 6-12 items.

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