Bashkir porcelain is the choice of professionals! Exclusive series are on sale now!

Bashkir porcelain is the choice of professionals! Exclusive series are on sale now!

We are happy to share great news. Our company always strives to offer its customers only the best, so we introduce for sale unique series of dishes from the famous Russian manufacturer - Bashkir Porcelain . This new product will bring not only beauty to your business, but also outstanding quality.

About the brand

“Bashkir porcelain” is not just a name, it is a quality standard. The company has been producing professional European-level restaurant porcelain for many decades. The plant, located in the city of Oktyabrsky, Republic of Bashkortostan, was founded in 1963 and since then has been constantly improved and modernized in accordance with the emergence and development of new production technologies. In 2007, Bashkir Porcelain carried out extensive modernization, introducing advanced technologies using environmentally friendly raw materials from Imerys (Germany).

Products are created on modern equipment from Sama (Germany) and Ilmeseram (France) using modern production technologies, which guarantees the highest quality standard.

About products


The composition of the porcelain mass was carefully selected by the company’s specialists, taking into account the needs of operation in the HoReCa segment. After firing at a high temperature of 1400°C, the products acquire incredible strength. The unique formula of the glaze provides durability, which is especially important during intensive use. Due to the high density of the glaze coating, food cools much slower on such porcelain. The products successfully withstand frequent dishwasher cycles and cope with sudden temperature changes. The perfectly smooth surface of the glaze also ensures high hygiene, preventing the accumulation of dirt in hard-to-reach places.

Reinforced edges give the products strength , which plays a decisive role when choosing tableware for establishments with high traffic.

Porcelain can be safely used at temperatures up to +300°C , which allows you to cook and bake dishes in ovens.

The products have high heat resistance . Dishes can be heated in the microwave, with the exception of items with added metals. Porcelain is not damaged even if you reheat a finished dish from the freezer in the microwave.

Reinforced edges and a durable glaze provide maximum protection against chips and scratches, including impact from cutlery.

All products are absolutely safe for health . All products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials and do not contain cadmium or lead, which is especially important for enterprises in the field of baby food and medical institutions.

In the first batch of products presented for sale at Complex Bar, we offer you to get acquainted with white porcelain , which has all of the above unique properties and a unique snow-white color, thanks to which your dishes will be presented in the most favorable light.


Series "Mezen"

The collection is inspired by traditional Mezen painting, originating from the lower reaches of the Mezen River in the Arkhangelsk region. In the past, painters decorated various household items with such patterns, such as spinning wheels, ladles, boxes, chests and caskets. A characteristic feature of this painting is the use of only two colors: bright red and deep black, which was created from a mixture of soot and ocher, and later on the basis of antimony.

It is believed that Mezen painting is one of the oldest traditions in the art of painting. Its unique ornament attracts and fascinates, despite its external simplicity. The masters of “Bashkir Porcelain” decided to revive and embody this rich tradition of Mezen painting in a stylish and modern collection of restaurant tableware. Despite the traditional design, the dishes from this collection fit organically into the modern world of gastronomy. It is suitable for serving dishes of various kitchen styles, including ultra-modern compositions. “Mezen” will fit perfectly into the interior of any establishment - from luxury restaurants to stylish sanatoriums, holiday homes and country residences.

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