Sensational addition: 3 New Exclusive flavors of ODK syrups!

Sensational addition: 3 New Exclusive flavors of ODK syrups!

The range of ODK syrups has been replenished with 3 new flavors !
The new products are presented in plastic bottles, which significantly reduces the cost of 1 liter of product. At the same time, glass bottles are indistinguishable from plastic in appearance, which allows them to be used in establishments of any class and format.

We remind you that Orsadrinks is:

  • Natural ingredients: All Orsadrinks products are made from natural ingredients, including juicy fruits and berries, fresh herbs and spices;
  • Pure alpine water: Each Orsadrinks syrup is created on the basis of the purest alpine water, giving drinks a special freshness;
  • Innovative production technologies: Orsadrinks combines long-standing Italian tradition with innovative production methods to ensure that every sip is unique and delicious.

The line of syrups has been expanded with new flavors:

Popcorn : Tastes like in the movies! The balanced and bright taste of popped corn, musky notes and caramel makes the syrup a unique ingredient in drinks. The intense taste is a harmonious combination of creamy and vanilla notes with a hint of spice and caramel in the aftertaste. Try it in hot and cold cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Goes great with coffee and milk.

Pink grapefruit : One of the most popular flavors in France, it is often mixed with pink sparkling wine. The syrup has a rich citrus taste and aroma. Great for refreshing cocktails, teas and smoothies.

Yuzu : Yuzu is one of the most popular citrus fruits in East Asia, gradually gaining recognition throughout the world due to its pleasant taste and refreshing aroma. Yuzu is tart, like grapefruit, with slight tangerine notes. It is great for cocktails, teas, smoothies, as well as for making desserts and sauces.

The shelf life of the syrups when unopened is 24 months, and after opening the bottle the syrup retains its taste for another 3 months.

Complex-Bar exclusively represents the Orasdrinks brand in Russia and we are proud to be able to offer you high-quality products that can transform your drinks.

Enjoy new flavors and create your own unique drinks with ODK syrups!

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