We are expanding our range! The long-awaited new Doppio products are already on sale!

We are expanding our range! The long-awaited new Doppio products are already on sale!

We are pleased to announce that the Doppio brand line has been expanded with new coffee equipment items that are suitable for both professional baristas and home use.

On sale:

Drip station for pourover and aeropress in an elegant baroque design. Made from quality steel and coated with a durable black finish, this drip station will give you the stability you need while brewing and a stylish look for your coffee shop.

Brushes for cleaning the coffee machine Doppio nylon brushes will make cleaning the coffee machine easy and effective. With it you can easily reach even hard-to-reach places in the group.

Stylish cupping spoon in black. A must-have for any coffee taster, this shaped spoon is designed to break up and clean coffee grounds during the drip testing process.

AeroPress 240 ml in gray and black. One of the most important new products this fall and a legendary “alternative” to espresso. The principle of the AeroPress is that hot water under pressure passes through ground coffee, extracting its flavor and aroma properties. However, the difference is that if in a carob coffee maker the pressure is created by a mechanical pump, then in an Aeropress the pressure is generated by the effort of a person who manually presses the piston.

The Origami coffee funnel with stand is not only a functional tool, but also a real work of art. Made from high quality ceramic and wood, it allows you to brew the perfect pour over coffee. The white color and stylish design make this funnel irresistible and the coffee brewing process spectacular.

Milk pitchers
Doppio's stylish stainless steel pitchers are designed to create the perfect milk foam for your cappuccinos and lattes. Pitchers are available in a variety of sizes and colors, making them an ideal choice for coffee shops, corners, cafes and restaurants.

Coffee scales are an indispensable attribute of any coffee shop. The Doppio line has been expanded with three new functional scales in a universal design. Weight - from 0 g to 2 and 3 kg.

Temperature dynamometer 58 mm
The Doppio range includes a wide variety of tampers to help you or your barista create perfectly smooth coffee tablets when preparing espresso. This tamper's torque mechanism ensures precise direction of force, making it a convenient and easy solution for creating the perfect espresso. In addition to the obvious technical advantages, the aluminum body gives the new tamper in the range a modern look.

We have presented to you only a small part of our range. These and other new items can be viewed on our website, as well as in the Complex-Bar showrooms.

Make coffee with pleasure with Doppio!

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