Charles Schumann's 16 Rules

16 правил Чарльза Шумана

They say that a talented person is talented in everything, and in the bar industry there is a bright representative who proves this statement.

The well-known, charismatic, stately bartender Charles Schumann has been devotedly serving his profession for more than 40 years, starring in films and commercials, writing books about the bar craft, and it seems that the range of his talents is not exhausted.

When we decided to write this article, we naturally began to understand the personality of the maestro. And in all his interviews over the years, a red thread can be traced through the idea that the main thing is the person.

Charles Schumann is a bright representative of the old school, he loves clear drinks, quality service, and most importantly, the focus of all his thoughts and aspirations always comes down to the guest.

Yes, it's that simple! To each guest individually. This is the same personalization that everyone around is talking about, only with Mr. Schumann it comes from within.

He avoids trends, apparently because he has seen them change dozens of times, is quite careful with modern technologies in the bar, does not like complex formulations and sublime phrases, but always, in every interview, he talks about the guests. But the truth is, everything is quite simple. Service! This is what the industry is constantly lacking, and traveling around the country, visiting dozens of establishments, this is clearly felt.

Charles Schumans

So, let's figure out what has helped Mr. Schumann remain at the top of the bar industry for decades.

Rule 1. Love.
“I love what I do, says Charles Schumann. Sincere love for the craft, not only in successful and stable times, but also in difficult and crisis ones , allows you to understand that you are doing exactly what you need.

Rule 2. Riddle.
Keep it a mystery. Let your menu, cocktail or dish be unique so that the whole world wants to come to you. Don’t rush to share a cool recipe on social networks, because everyone will cook like you.

Rule 3. Pedantry.
Charles Schumann hates shortcomings not only in his work, but is also intolerant of his colleagues. His credo in life is “if you do something, do it well.”

Rule 4. Get up early.
The maestro has been getting up no later than 7 am for many decades, because every day is scheduled almost to the minute.

Rule 5. Healthy body.
A contrast shower helps Mr. Schumann stay in great shape even at such a respectful age; such a daily procedure is an integral part of the morning ritual.

Rule 6. Activity.
He spends twice a week in the gym, and these are not just classes, but real boxing training. The more we write, the more it feels like Rocky is among us.

Rule 7. Team.
Charles has a fairly large restaurant that seats 300 and opens at noon. Therefore, he spends the first half of the day with the team, first of the bar, then of the restaurant. Knowing all processes from the inside, listening to each team member, you can not only control all processes, but also work ahead.

Rule 8. Don't be afraid.
The current restaurant Schumann's Bar am Hofgarten was opened immediately after the small bar. Friends, colleagues, and just acquaintances did not understand how Charles could manage such a huge restaurant, but everything worked out.
And the fact that at the age of seventy Schumann starred in a Hugo Boss commercial speaks of his self-confidence and a clear lack of fear of everything new.

Rule 9. Partnership.
Either live at work or have a partner. So says Mr. Schumann. Because when the owner is alone and is forced to deal with some other projects, the establishment is not given due attention, failures follow, and sometimes even closure. Therefore, it is better to share responsibility with partners whom you trust as much as yourself.

Rule 10. Hospitality.
The bar does not exist for the sake of the bartender, not for the sake of his name or talent, the bar exists for the guests. Charles Schumann focuses on the personality of the guest and his comfort. Sincere service that comes from the heart allows you to attract guests to the establishment. If smiling is a burden and you want to sit still and not see anyone , know that the bar industry is not for you. Cordiality and hospitality are the golden key to the success of an establishment.

Rule 11. Dress code.
More and more often you can find bartenders who flaunt their uniforms, but Schumann is sure that a uniform is important, stylish and, most importantly, a uniform is obligatory. When a person puts on a uniform, he immediately becomes part of the overall idea, concept and of course the team. He feels his responsibility to his guests and colleagues, which means he is able to do his job

Charles Schumans Professionalism

Rule 12. Professionalism.
Everything you do must be done professionally. Can not? Learn! Modern bartenders have the opportunity to learn and this is the best thing that can happen. Schumann remembers the times when openings in the bar were made constantly, because there was no communication between the professional community. And there was no community as such. Now all paths are open to bartenders: books, videos, video conferences, professional communities. Everything is created so that the bartender develops, learns and becomes a professional.

Rule 13. Listening skills.
Mr. Schumann is against bars with loud music, and even more so bars with DJs. He believes that a bar is a great place for socializing, communication or even negotiations. Music should create the mood and the general background in the bar, but should never take first place. A bar where guests shout to hear each other is a bad bar, according to Mr. Schumann.

Rule 14. Distance.
Charles forgave familiarity both between colleagues and in guest-bartender relationships. You need to be warm, hospitable, sincere, but a little distant. Probably as much as the bar counter allows.

Rule 15. Different target audiences.
A bar is a place where people of different positions, positions and incomes meet. There is no need to make an establishment for white collar workers, let it be an accessible place for everyone.

Rule 16. Atmosphere.
Of course, people come to a bar for pleasant communication, quality drinks and an unforgettable atmosphere. Create a concept that will be pleasant to be in and will always want to return. And details play an important role in creating a unique atmosphere. Choose beautiful glassware for drinks so that each drink looks not only tasty, but also elegant.

Charles Schumann is a brilliant man, a legend, a true professional in his field, who was able to carry love for himself, people and craft throughout his life.

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