How to pour champagne into a glass correctly

Как правильно наливать шампанское в бокал

There is no drink more associated with luxury, rich life and celebration. Yes, yes, today we will talk about champagne. About how to pour it, consume it and how to emphasize this bright, wonderful taste of a thousand bubbles in a sophisticated and elegant glass.

How to serve champagne

In restaurants, champagne is usually served in bottles. Of course, there are items that are poured into glasses, but most often it is some kind of very simple sparkling wine. Once uncorked, champagne quickly loses its most important aspect – its sparkling quality. Even if the bartender uses a stopper, champagne that was opened two days ago is no match for a bottle that was just opened.

How to serve champagne

Therefore, do not be surprised that almost always, if you want to drink champagne, you will be offered a bottle accompanied by a glass. When served, the bottle will be placed in a cooler with ice to maintain a chilled temperature. Warm champagne not only tastes unpleasant, but is also quite problematic to open, so the sommelier or bartender always remembers this and cools the champagne in advance - in the wine cabinet.

How to open a bottle correctly

Champagne can be uncorked directly in a cooler with ice, or you can first take out the bottle and open it in your hands. Both methods are acceptable. Let's consider the second method, since it is convenient to carry out both at the guest table and at the bar counter.

To begin, take the champagne out of the cooler with ice and wipe it with a handbrake (a small strip of white cloth), then remove the shrink cap. The champagne has a small tongue, by pulling which you can easily remove the “foil”. Then, pressing the top of the cork with the thumb of one hand, he turns away and removes the wire (muzzle). When uncorking, the bottle should be held at an angle of 45°. The neck of the bottle should be turned into a safe space; under no circumstances should it be pointed at guests or colleagues at the bar. One hand holds the cork, the other holds the bottle. Next, the cork is removed using gentle movements in a circle. Ideally, the champagne cork should be removed silently. Loud pops and rivers of foam are only acceptable on Formula 1 or at pool parties. In a restaurant or bar, it is better to remove the cork carefully and safely, without creating unnecessary noise and without attracting (scaring) guests.

How to pour

When pouring, the bottle label should be facing the guests; pouring should be done by holding the bottle by the bottom.

How to pour

Champagne tends to create voluminous foam when poured, so it is usually worth pouring it into a glass in two or three steps. First, 20 milliliters (or 1/4 of a glass), as soon as the foam settles add a little more and a little more.

When pouring, hold the wine glass at an angle and carefully pour the drink along the side of the glass in a thin stream.

A champagne glass can be tall (for example champagne flute or champagne tulip) or have a low shape ( champagne saucer ).

No more, no less: how much champagne to pour into a glass

You shouldn’t overdo it and fill the glass completely, because firstly, this is not very convenient for our dear guests, and secondly, why pour a lot of cold water?

Champagne is served chilled, and sitting in a glass for a long time increases its temperature, so a little more than half a glass is the best option. And if the guest quickly finished his portion, this is just an additional moment when the waiter or bartender can look after the guest and offer to refresh the glass.

How to drink

Don't drink a glass in one gulp. Champagne is a social drink, so the manner of holding a glass in your hand, having a leisurely conversation, smiling and enjoying the time is a priority here.

How to drink

The glass should be held by the stem or bottom base. Fingers on the dome of a glass will indicate a person’s lack of education and ignorance of etiquette standards. The lower the hand holds the glass, the more aesthetically pleasing it will look (and by the way, it will not heat up the drink).

How to store champagne according to etiquette

After opening, champagne must be closed with a special cork, which will not allow it to fizzle out and will retain most of the bubbles. In this condition, in the refrigerator (or wine cabinet), the bottle can be stored for up to 2-3 days and remain in good condition.

What to eat champagne according to etiquette

Probably the interpretation of “snack” is not entirely appropriate for such a sophisticated drink. The food in this case should accompany the sophistication and nobility of champagneth.

What to eat champagne according to etiquette

Typically, sparkling wines are usually served in the company of small canapés, seafood, fondue and small light desserts.

Champagne goes well with all seafood dishes: shellfish, mussels and oysters are inextricable friends of sparkling drinks.

Fruits and berries will also perfectly complement champagne and bring gastronomic satisfaction.

Champagne is a unique drink designed to give unforgettable emotions. Proper consumption of this drink allows you to fully enjoy the work of winemakers and the taste palette of exquisite taste.

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