How to prepare for work as a bartender

Как бармену подготовиться к работе

The bartender's working day begins much earlier than the time when the doors of the establishment open to visitors. About 70% of the work process remains out of sight of guests.

Prepare before opening

Usually the bartender comes on shift one to two hours before opening. During this time, while the bar is closed, it is necessary to carry out all the preparatory work for the most comfortable and fast work process.

All preparations ( syrups that the bartender brews himself, cordials , liqueurs, decorations ) need to be prepared taking into account the expected sales in the bar, receive products from the warehouse (alcohol, juices, fruits, etc.), bring the bar into perfect condition (wash, polish, clean) . It is the quality of preparation that determines how quickly the bartender will serve drinks and how tired he will be at the end of the shift.

Remember the bar menu

The bartender must perfectly know not only the bar map, but also the menu. A bartender is a full-fledged employee of an establishment who must be able to competently recommend a dish for any drink and a drink for a dish.

Bar menu

When a bartender arrives at a new place of work, he spends the first few weeks constantly studying and memorizing the bar map. In addition to the names and cost of drinks, it is necessary to fill out technological cards for the preparation of each cocktail, and these are components, milliliters, preparation method, glasses for serving and garnishes . At first, you get the feeling that your head won’t be able to withstand the flow of information, but over time, a sequence of actions comes and you learn everything quite quickly.

And, when you are already confident in your abilities, the manager will be happy to take an “exam” on your knowledge of the menu and allow you to work with guests at full capacity.

It is also important to know the history of drinks, especially legendary cocktails, and be able to broadcast them to guests, because behind the bar many visitors want not only to see the magic of preparation, but also to hear interesting facts about drinks, historical or funny incidents associated with it. And in general, drinking the same Dry Martini that Churchill himself preferred adds significance to both the drink and the owner.

Keep the bar tidy

Everything that is within the guest’s visibility must be in perfect order; you can read this phrase like everyone else – in absolute order.

Bartenders are the most zealous pedants. If a bartender stands and does nothing for more than 15 minutes, he is a bad bartender. Because there is always something to do in the workplace. Blanks, glasses, cleanliness and so on in a circle. A 12-hour shift flies by before it even starts, because the bartender is always busy.

Whatever you take, always return to its place. In a shift, several people often work at once at the bar counter, and in order not to waste time on constant searching, absolutely every thing in the bar has its own place.

The ergonomics of the bartender’s workspace is the most important part of the work process, because it determines the speed of serving drinks, the bartender’s workload and the general psycho-emotional background in the team.

Watch your appearance

Watch your appearance

Neatness and accuracy are the main qualities of every bartender. The uniform should literally fit like a second skin. Always clean, organized, neat and tidy. Everyone who interacts with the bartender should have the most pleasant impression possible. And, of course, appearance contributes to this. There is no place for slobs at the bar; stains on uniforms or any obvious defects that could alienate a guest are unacceptable.

Hair/cut, makeup, manicure (for both women and men), personal hygiene, perfume, shoes - everything matters. Details matter, however, as always.

When going on a shift at a bartender, the bartender literally forgets about personal problems, failures and business. It is important to learn how to create a special atmosphere of comfort and carefreeness, because this is what every guest in an establishment is looking for. A sad, depressed, stern bartender will only repel visitors, and therefore reduce sales throughout the establishment.

Many people have the impression that bartenders are some kind of ideal people. Always perfectly dressed, knowledgeable, able to support almost any topic of conversation and preparing excellent drinks. And so it is.

We bartenders are perfect. At least while we're standing at the bar - that's exactly how it is!

Be polite

A bartender is a working-class aristocrat, as one famous movie put it.

Bartender is one of the social professions thatwhere the whole working day, he interacts with other people every minute. Qualities such as sociability, erudition, courtesy, politeness must be constantly present in all processes of communication not only with visitors, but also with colleagues.

In general, service is about politeness, about respect, about listening to a person and anticipating his expectations. It is by anticipating that a bartender can achieve not only guest loyalty and large tips, but also grow in the profession.

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