Lambs and serving lids: what are they?

Баранчики и крышки для подачи: что это

Snacks and hot dishes in restaurants are often served on a special plate with a convex lid. Such dishes are called “ram” or “cloche” in French. Beautiful and practical, these utensils have many uses in home and restaurant kitchens. The main thing is to choose the right shape, diameter and material of the product.

What is a plate with a lid for?

The impression of a dish largely depends on the presentation. Even the most delicious food will not cause an appetite if it has cooled down and become windy. A serving device called a ram (cloche) helps to avoid these problems. It consists of a dome-shaped lid with a handle and a plate. Often the lids are sold separately, and you can independently choose the right size dish for them.

The lamb is used when serving appetizers and hot dishes, casseroles, and soufflés. The convex lid is convenient for covering pancakes or pies so that they stay hot longer. Sliced vegetables and puff salads served this way keep their appearance fresh during long meals. Small diameter cloches can be used instead of butter dishes, plates for cheese and sausage cutting. In bars they are used to serve snacks.


What types are there?

There are two types of lamb according to the method of serving - general and individual. The first option is used for hot dishes, salads or desserts, which guests take themselves. Individual cloches are small in size to accommodate portions for each eater.

The rams also differ in shape - they can be round , oval and rectangular . Vegetable and meat dishes are served on round ones, including:

  • stew;
  • meat in French;
  • roast;
  • shashlik;
  • beef stroganoff;
  • grilled steaks.

Oval cloches are used for serving poultry and fish. Salads and desserts are always served with round lambs.

Rectangular lids are commonly used in restaurants and food courts. They are made of transparent materials, thanks to which guests can visually assess the type of food.

A separate variety is the perforated cloche. This product is equipped with one or two holes for steam to escape. Some models are made of metal mesh or bamboo lattice. They serve to protect food from dust and insects during picnics.


What you need to know when choosing such dishes

A serving plate with a lid should match the type of food you are going to serve on it. If the product is intended for a festive table, pay attention to the beautiful design and compatibility with the rest of the tableware. For outdoor trips, a laconic model with a perforated cap is suitable.

For hot dishes, choose a deep plate with a metal or porcelain lid. Desserts look more beautiful under a transparent lid.

How to determine the appropriate diameter and shape

The size is selected depending on the type of dish - for general or individual serving. In the first case, choose a ram with a diameter of 25-35 cm. The height of the cap should be from 10 to 20 cm, the depth of the plate should be at least 2 cm.

The diameter of individual cloches is usually from 9 to 22 cm, the height of the lid is 5-10 cm.

Choose a form based on your food preferences. If you often cook shish kebab or barbecue outdoors, buy a round lamb of large diameter - you can store cooked meat or fresh vegetable salads in it. Homemade dishes are served in cloches in the following forms:

round - cutlets, kebab, steaks, grilled ribs, goulash, vegetable stew, pancakes, pancakes;

oval - fried chicken, fried, stewed, smoked fish, nuggets, saute;

square - cakes, pastries, jellies.

For fresh vegetables and fruits, it is better to purchase a perforated lid.

Material - practicality and beauty

The lamb not only preserves the quality of the food, but also gives the dish an elegant look. Therefore, when choosing a product, you need to pay attention to durable, easy-to-care, and visually attractive materials.
Among them:

  • ceramics - products made from porcelain or earthenware are durable and aesthetically pleasing. They retain heat well and are easy to wash by hand. But ceramic cookware can be quite heavy. It must be protected from impacts so that cracks do not appear on the surface.
  • glass - demonstrates the beauty of the dish, decorates the table, and is light in weight. Due to its fragility, it requires careful handling and hand washing. Glass rams are used for desserts and cold appetizers, as hot steam quickly fogs up;
  • Stainless steel - retains heat well, is easy to clean, and does not suffer from shock or corrosion. Shiny stainless steel lids give the table an elegant look. But shine must be constantly maintained with careful care.
  • bamboo is a lightweight, durable, easy-to-care material. It withstands temperature changes well, but is gradually destroyed by moisture. Bamboo covers are typically used to cover fruits, fresh vegetables, or food served outdoors.

There are also vintage-style cloches made of silver, bronze, and cupronickel. They are used in restaurants or homes with expensive interiors.

If you are buying a lamb for the first time, give preference to brands with a well-known reputation - Proff Cuisine , Eternum , Vidivi , Paderno . These companies produce high-quality cloches from stainless steel, glass and ceramics.


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