What kind of utensils are needed for fondue?

Какая нужна посуда для фондю

Traditional Swiss fondue has long been a favorite dish of gourmets around the world. A fragrant mixture of melted cheese, white wine and spices has an exquisite taste and beautiful presentation. But to prepare this hot appetizer correctly, you need a special set of utensils. Let's get acquainted with its structure and methods of application!

History of fondue

The recipe for a dish of melted cheese, wine, garlic and cherry liqueur was first published in French cookbooks of the 18th century. But the French only described what Swiss peasants had come up with five centuries before them. They prepared fondue in the winter, when food supplies were low. The hot cheese mixture in a clay pot gathered the whole family around it. People dipped stale bread into it, which softened it. Over time, simple peasant food became the national winter dish of Switzerland.


In other countries, they learned about fondue in the 30s of the 20th century, when the Swiss Cheese Union began to popularize its products. After World War II, the advertising campaign expanded. Fondue began to be prepared in restaurants in Europe and North America.

Types of fondue

Culinary experts know many varieties of the dish, invented in different regions of Switzerland and other countries. Here are the most popular:

Genevoise - the appetizer is named after the city of Geneva, in the vicinity of which it was originally prepared. Consists of grated Gruyère or Emmental cheese, egg yolks, cream, butter, nutmeg, salt, sugar and pepper;

Jurassic - prepared from Comté cheese, white wine, kirsch and garlic. Traditionally served with stale bread;

Motier-motier - the name translated from French means “half and half.” The basis of the appetizer is Gruyère and Vacherin, taken in equal proportions. The composition also includes white wine, garlic, kirsch, starch and pepper;

tomato - in addition to Gruyere and Emmental, the composition includes grated tomatoes, shallots, garlic, butter, white wine. Served with boiled potatoes, which are dipped in the hot mixture;

Burgundy style - is a flavored oil boiling in a fondue pot. Guests dip thin pieces of meat or poultry into it, frying them, then dip them in various sauces.

There is also a dessert version of the dish, which uses melted chocolate, cream and spices. Pieces of fruit, dry cookies, and marshmallows are dipped into this mixture.


How to prepare fondue?

The main ingredient of the Swiss snack is cheese. It is preferable to choose oily durum varieties. Most recipes include Gruyère, Vacherine, Emmental, Fontina, and Comté. You can also use cheddar and gouda. The product is grated on a coarse grater or crushed in a food processor, then mixed with corn starch.

The taste of a dish largely depends on the wine included in its composition. Canonical recipes call for the use of dry white wines with a high acid content - pinot gris, sauvignon blanc or chardonnay, which has not been aged in oak barrels. Alcohol can be replaced with chicken or vegetable broth.

The inside of the fondue pot is rubbed with a crushed clove of garlic. Pour in the wine and, when it warms up, add a handful of grated cheese. Stir until it melts, then add the next portion to the mixture. To make the taste of the dish more rich, add a little brandy or kirsch, nutmeg, and pepper.

Utensils for preparing fondue: device and equipment

A classic fondue pot looks like a deep cauldron. It is served on a three-legged stand. This design allows you to keep the dish hot during consumption. The set includes a heating device that is installed under the bottom of the dish. The burner is filled with denatured alcohol or gelled fuel paste. Alternatively, you can heat the bottom with a tablet candle. Utensils with a heater are made of ceramics, enameled cast iron or stainless steel.

There is also an electric version of the fondue maker. The temperature in it is regulated using electric heating. The stand is attached to the bottom of the pot and plugs into an outlet.


Choosing utensils for preparing fondue

Initially, the Swiss dish was prepared only in ceramic pots . This utensil is recommended for all types of cheese fondue. A heavy container made of glazed clay evenly distributes heat inside, givingThe dish has a pleasant creamy texture. When using ceramic cookware, the risk of burning is minimized.

Burgundy fondue is often prepared in stainless steel pans . Metal utensils heat up quickly, which is convenient for browning meat. But the cheese or chocolate mixture in such a container can burn. Some manufacturers equip stainless steel fondue pots with ceramic inserts for preparing cheese snacks.

A pan made of enameled cast iron is considered a universal option. It is suitable for any type of fondue.

In the absence of a fondue pot, you can use ordinary dishes. Before serving, the hot appetizer is poured into a ceramic baking pot . Thanks to its heat-insulating properties, ceramics maintain the temperature of the dish for a long time.

How to use a fondue pot?

The fondue maker is not intended for cooking on the stove. Swiss snacks based on cheese or chocolate are heated over a fire to the desired temperature, and then poured into a fondue mold and served. All guests eat directly from it, so it is important to calculate the size of the utensil. One medium-sized saucepan is designed for four people. If you are going to treat a larger number of guests, you will have to purchase several fondue pots.

If the mixture in the fondue pot catches fire, do not try to douse the fire with water. Just cover the dish with a lid to block the access of oxygen.

The long forks included in the set are not used as cutlery. With their help, you just dip the food into the hot mixture and transfer it to a plate. Eat with a regular fork .

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