Alexey Krylov: #FARШ is quality


In 2015, Arkady Novikov, in collaboration with the Miratorg company, opened a burger restaurant #FARSH in the center of Moscow. Since then, #FARШ has been successfully conquering Moscow - the 6th restaurant has recently opened. Brand chef of the #FARSH burger chain Alexey Krylov told us about a practical approach to kitchen equipment, inspiration and the most delicious burgers.

Alexey Krylov

Alexey, tell us a little about yourself: how did you become the brand chef of #FARSH and what happened before that?

I have been in this field for more than 20 years: after working as a cook for 5 years, I opened my own restaurant, then worked in various projects, and Arkady Novikov himself invited me to work at #FARSH.

As far as I know, you are in charge of equipping the kitchen with dishes, by what principle do you choose them?

Yes, including. For me, the main thing in inventory and equipment is practicality and convenience for cooks. Sometimes the brand is not important - everything is tested in practice - right here in the kitchen.


What are your favorite tools to use?


In Fani Kabani, in tandem with Mark Statsenko, you were largely responsible for the practical part and training of cooks; in #FASH your role is the same, or are you not averse to being creative?

Of course, here too I am responsible for the practical part, but it cannot do without creativity. This is the task of a brand chef - to monitor the quality of dishes, train chefs and create new tastes.


What inspires you when developing new flavors?

In all interviews I say that I connect with space. I get inspired by what is around me: I find something interesting while traveling, I read in books, and even with dishes - there are countless sources of inspiration.

How does #FARSH's cuisine differ from other burger joints?

First of all, quality. The quality of the starting products and the dishes themselves. We work with each visitor individually, taking into account his preferences for the degree of roasting and fillings. Everything is prepared to order and served straight from the stove. It never happens to us that a finished burger sits for a long time.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I can’t single out just one thing – I like everything, otherwise I wouldn’t cook it.


Alexey Krylov

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