#Mushrooms Moscow Italian restaurant with a mushroom accent


One of the food trends this year is mushrooms. Adding them to main dishes is a common thing. But now mushroom drinks are becoming fashionable. Of course, not from oyster mushrooms and boletus mushrooms, but from medicinal representatives of the Third Kingdom.

Such cocktails can be ordered at the Italian restaurant with a mushroom accent, Mushrooms Moscow. Mushrooms are everywhere here. But the most unusual thing is the drinks.

The “Amanita Gimlet” cocktail is a twist on the classic Gimlet with signature fly agaric bitters. This is a long lasting cocktail. Therefore, a unique fly agaric tannin is felt in it a little later.

The ingredients of “Amanita Gimlet” are gin, honey with aloe, Elderberry liqueur, lemon juice and fly agaric bitters. The sophistication of the taste is emphasized by elegant serving in a Novecento Art Deco glass from Bormioli Rocco.

The Truffle cocktail contains citrus sake, tomato syrup, cocoa liqueur and truffle vodka. For the presentation we chose Old Fashioned “Savage” from Nude. The laconic shape of the glass is supported by a minimalist decor – a thin slice of truffle.

Harmless gray-pink fly agaric mushrooms are used to create cocktails. Bartenders are advised by an experienced mycologist, who sends all drinks for examination. Mushrooms Moscow has all the documents confirming the safety of cocktails.

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