#Krasota - immersive restaurant


A restaurant is no longer just about food. The restaurant has a special atmosphere. A restaurant is about emotions.

Immersive dining experiences have become popular in recent years. These establishments create a new reality for visitors and immerse them in it. The combination of treats and theatrical performances allows the guest to feel like both a spectator and a participant in what is happening.

In Russia, the first immersive restaurant opened at the end of 2020 in Moscow - this is Krasota, which is part of the White Rabbit Family. In this gastro-theater, food is combined with sound, image, illusion, and aromas. In many restaurants, the chef shows a gastronomic show, and guests watch the cooking process.

Dark dinner, or dining in the dark, where the only sensations are taste and smell - this is the opposite of an immersive restaurant.

During the pandemic, restaurants were predicted to have a massive outflow of customers and were told that only delivery would remain. But time has shown the inconsistency of this theory

A restaurant is not only a gastronomic pleasure. A restaurant is a special sensation, feeling, state. An immersive restaurant is a complete immersion in what is happening.

Special thanks for the photo to NB-STUDIO, which developed the design of the Krasota restaurant and many other popular projects. Photographer: Mikhail Loskutov.

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