French bohemian table setting

Французская богемная сервировка

We've all heard about French fine dining and authentic restaurants. However, we rarely think that the key to creating an elegant bourgeois atmosphere is bohemian table setting.

This is the art of table decoration, which is rooted in the history and culture of France. Let's dive into this amazing world to understand its evolution and application in modern hotels and restaurants.

And a wide range of “Complex-Bar” tableware helped us bring the French bohemian table setting to life.


The roots of French bohemian table setting go back a long way. One of the interesting historical facts related to French table setting is the connection with the Palace of Versailles. During the reign of Louis XIV, the Palace of Versailles became the epicenter of French luxury and sophistication. Here table setting was an important part of ceremonies and receptions, and its rules were strictly regulated.

One of the most famous table setting rules during the Versailles receptions was the rule about the number of items on the table. According to established standards, each guest had to have at least 20 different items in his place: from various types of cutlery to cups, saucers, glasses and other accessories. This rule symbolized the wealth and luxury of the palace, and also served as an indicator of the social status of the guests.

Today, in French restaurants and hotels, all cutlery must be arranged in a strictly defined order and have its place on the table. Each guest receives a full set of cutlery including fork, knife and spoon for each dish.


To convey the atmosphere of the era of Matisse, Picasso, Hemingway and Coco Chanel , we decided to add more decorative elements in order to saturate our table setting with the bohemian carelessness of that era. For example, colored dishes from the “V.Vienna Charm” collection from Tognana are presented in several shades that do not contradict each other, but complement the overall relaxed style. The pastel colors of the plates and cups go perfectly with the vintage table, creating an atmosphere of romance and elegance typical of French bohemian table setting.

Additionally, windmills in marine shades of the Peugeot Tahiti series add a Côte d'Azur atmosphere. These elements, made in pleasant marine shades, give the table freshness and brightness, enlivening the atmosphere. By the way, the collection includes several combinations of colors and shades, so regardless of the color scheme of your table setting, you can find something suitable for yourself.


The use of metallic shine on cutlery from the San Remo series from Sola , caviar from Sambonet and bowls from Prohotel creates a contrast with natural colors and materials. Metallic accents bring a modern twist to a classic table setting, highlighting the splendor and sophistication of French bohemian style.


As the famous French culinary expert and writer Antoine Augustin Parmentier said: “More and more perfection in observation, communication and well-being must be revealed in the profound art of table setting.” French bohemian table setting is a living example of this in-depth art that continues to delight guests with its elegant and sophisticated style.

Today, French table setting is not only a way of decorating a table, but also a journey into the history and culture of France. This is art that takes us to the era of great artists and writers, allowing us to feel the atmosphere of their time.

Thanks to the wide range of tableware at Complex Bar, we can create our own bohemian atmosphere and enjoy the exquisite service that French restaurants and hotels offer today.

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