Serving set “Autumn Serving”

Сервировочный сет «Осенняя сервировка»

Autumn is one of the most charming seasons. Many people love it for long walks in the fresh air, warm sweaters, hot drinks and cozy evenings in the company of themed films. At this time of year, you especially want comfort, leisurely feasts and tea parties with friends and family.

To organize an autumn table setting, do not be afraid of bright colors: yellow, gold, orange and red are the main colors of the season.

The porcelain from Steelite “Ink” and “Ink Legacy” series perfectly illustrates the autumn mood - the elegant design is made in the classic autumn palette. The composition is echoed by magnificent French burgundy-colored windmills from Peugeot from the “Paris You Select” collection. The designer tableware collection “Ro Design by Kevala” from Raw Design adds a highlight, and white porcelain with an elegant pattern from Tognana dilutes the table setting.

Another bright touch in the set was the Venus “Concept No. 8” cutlery with a gold handle with a deliberately rough finish.

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