Serving set English tea party

Английское чаепитие

Foggy Albion has become famous throughout the world for its love of tea. The tradition of 5 o'clock tea, the origins of which stretch back to the 18th century, has become not only a symbol of national culture, but also a symbol of the art of exquisite serving and communication. This tradition has penetrated into pop culture, maintaining its elegant character and captivating gourmets and connoisseurs of English aesthetics.

Pass the time until dinner. This is what gave rise to the afternoon tea ceremony. According to one version, the tradition was started by Duchess Anna of Bedford, who did not know what to do with herself in the time between lunch and dinner.


At first the table was set for only one person, but over time the Duchess began inviting her friends to tea. This custom quickly spread, becoming a habit in society, where aristocrats gathered to share news and discuss current events.

The art of serving and serving 5 o'clock tea has become not only a means of enriching leisure time, but also a way to show social status. The practice has become an important part of pop culture, reflected in literature and cinema, where it has been explored and viewed as a symbol of elegance and luxury.

Today, some details have been added to traditional tea drinking that are closely associated with the life of the aristocracy and the ease of existence. One of these details was a glass of champagne and freshly cut flowers.


The art of serving 5 o'clock tea plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere. It combines details such as the correct arrangement of cutlery, delicately decorated porcelain cups, table napkins and miniature decorative elements. The right composition creates comfort and splendor, harmoniously complementing aromatic tea and delicacies.

The ideal option for serving tea in our English table setting were tea cups, saucers, a gravy boat and a sugar bowl from the Mozart collection from Bauscher . Elegant patterns and snow-white porcelain perfectly reveal the theme of aristocratic tea drinking. And the presence of a milk jug on the table is a mandatory attribute of any English tea party.


An integral element for any serving in the style of 5 o'clock tea is also a whatnot . Most often, the whatnot was used to serve muffins, cookies, cakes, traditional English scones with thick Devonshire cream and homemade jams. Today, along with these delicacies, at English tea ceremonies you can find cheesecake, carrot and nut cakes, and, of course, triangular sandwiches with a variety of fillings. We used a three-tier shelf from APS , which housed elegant porcelain plates with engraving from the Skalistos series from the Le CoQ brand .


When creating a British table setting, it is important to remember the traditional English restraint, so it is worth excluding flashy colors and intricate cutlery. We suggest choosing the Louvre and Oslo series from Eternum - the devices are not only made of the highest quality stainless steel, but also have a discreet design with a light romantic flair: if you look closely at the handle of the Louvre devices, you can see a modest image of a heart.

Dining rooms

We decided to serve champagne in Luigi Bormioli Vinoteque series glasses . The glasses are made of crystal glass, which is twice as strong as ordinary glass and, in addition, has an unparalleled pure shine. And we placed the freshly cut roses in an elegant white porcelain vase from the Dobrush Porcelain Factory .

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