Serving set White classic

Сервировочный сет Белая классика

White porcelain is a classic, timeless solution for any table setting. The advantage of white porcelain is that it does not distract attention from the dish and serves as a kind of canvas for the chef creating his culinary masterpiece. However , “classic” does not mean “boring”! In this combined set, we propose to look at white porcelain from a different angle: non-standard forms of salad bowls and unexpected combinations with tableware of other materials give this set the individuality that every designer, restaurateur or chef strives for.

Whole table

We took items from two collections of different brands as a basis. One is Steelite, originally from Foggy Albion, the other is Kunstwerk, exclusive Chinese porcelain, which has captivated customers with its quality and design solutions. The main collections in the set are the Willow series by Steelite and the Eggshell series by Kunstwerk. The straight, clear lines of the English porcelain series perfectly complement the avant-garde forms of Eggshell, adding zest to the overall classic picture of the set design.

Salad bowl

Another original solution was to use glassware from the Vidivi brand , “Murano Ottico” series , which repeats the relief faceted pattern of the “Willow” series plates. There are also edges in the glasses of this set; we chose the Italian classic - the “Jazz” series from Bormioli Luigi .


To dilute white porcelain with accent details, we suggest paying attention to the cold shine of steel. Products made from chrome-nickel steel, such as Sola cutlery , Peugeot pepper and salt mills with a silver metal body, as well as a stainless steel ram and fruit bowl from Fraborsk and ILSA are made in the same metallic color scheme. The shades of steel not only combine with each other, but also add variety to the restrained design of the set.


The “White Classics” set offers you a wide range of possibilities in experimenting with cookware from different series and different brands. Let this set design remind you that the days of monotonous, identical sets are long gone. And modern table setting styles require variety in choice. A harmonious combination can be achieved without adhering to classical rules. In this set, for example, in addition to the “Willow” series from Steelite, there is also a collection “Monaco” , from which we borrowed cups and saucers. This way you can be sure that your table setting will not bore your guests and will delight you with a variety of shapes and designs, while maintaining the overall style and concept.

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