Italian table setting: how to create an Italian atmosphere on your table

Итальянская сервировка: как создать атмосферу Италии на вашем столе

Italian culture attracts us with its richness and diversity. From antiquity to modern times, Italy abounds in art, history and nature, and its cuisine is famous for its exquisite dishes and special feasting traditions. In this article we will talk about how to properly set a table in Italian style to reflect the atmosphere of this wonderful country and create a cozy space for enjoying Italian gastronomic masterpieces.


Colors and natural materials

The main colors that are associated with Italy are shades of the sea, sun, wood and olive fruit. In Italian table setting, it is recommended to use simple shapes and natural materials. Natural shades and textures will create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony that we strive to achieve.

Wine glasses and accessories

In Italy, wine plays a special role and is often considered an integral part of the daily lunch or dinner. Choose stylish wine glasses like Rona's Linea Umana for the perfect combination of sophistication and functionality. The wine basket from Paderno will be a wonderful addition and will add a special charm to your table setting.

Mediterranean style plates and dishes

When choosing plates, we recommend paying attention to popular brands such as Lubiana and Steelite . The Solair pasta plate will make serving especially elegant. And the blue and beige shades of the Ink plates from Steelite will add color and enliven the presentation of dishes!

Details and Accents

Italy always has bright and interesting accents. To add personality and elegance to the presentation, we decided to use small complimentary dishes. The shell dish from Kunstwerk has become an excellent choice for serving delicacies or seafood. And the “Sea” serving platter from Pordamsa inspires nautical associations, adding a romantic holiday touch to our table setting.

Cutlery and accessories

To complete the relaxed Italian table setting, we chose cutlery with a deliberately casual design. The Concept series No. 9 from Venus has that slightly rural, shabby charm that so attracts guests to Italy. Continuing the romanticization of Italian serving is Peugeot's Antique salt and pepper mill in aged beech wood. Don't let the aged wood fool you - the Peugeot mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee!

”Dining rooms

Bread baskets and boards

Don't forget about the details that give the table comfort and warmth. Baskets are always something about family and home. Wickerwork can add charm to even the most formal table setting. And here they play that very supporting role, the importance of which cannot be overestimated.

Scroll through the photos above and judge for yourself!

Italian table setting is a real art in which every element and detail has its own meaning. It conveys the spirit and atmosphere of this wonderful country, where culture and culinary traditions are intertwined with modernity. Every meal becomes a real feast, where tastes, style and harmony are combined. Discover the magic of Italian serving and invite Italy to your table!

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