Serving set Sea foam

Сервировочный сет Морская пена

Author's dishes require original presentation.

In this case, the dishes are not only a canvas, but also part of the presentation of the dish, emphasizing its individuality and originality. Beyond the obvious effect of presentation, tableware has a significant impact on the success of the meal: it can either enhance the flavor of the food and complement the design of your restaurant, or ruin it completely.

Size, shape, color and weight also affect taste. According to numerous restaurant studies, using heavier cookware improves the taste of food, attracting diners' attention and promoting more mindful food consumption.

The “Sea Foam” set is created from designer tableware from the world's leading manufacturers and fully complies with all the facts listed above. You can find many products from the brands presented in the set in Michelin star restaurants around the world. The main feature of this set is the variety of brands represented, and the overall range and tonality combined dishes from different collections into a single stylish solution. This serving set is perfect for restaurants with Mediterranean signature cuisine or for serving seafood dishes. Blue and white shades will remind guests of the depths of the sea, and non-standard shapes will make the presentation bright and memorable.


In this set, we combined the Abyssos , Phobos and Ninfa collections of the Florentine brand Le CoQ, the Ink and Vesuvius Lapis series from the British Steelite and added eccentric tableware from the author's Studio Raw brand, using items from different series.

Despite such a variety of brands and series, we managed to maintain the overall marine theme without overloading the table setting with details and shapes. The overall blue and white color scheme was consolidated by the Peugeot Paris U'Select series mills , made of beech wood in white. And crystal glass wine glasses from the Sensa series from Schott Zwiesel added sparkling elegance to the set.

Another bold solution for designer table settings was cutlery from the Venus brand, Concept series No. 6 . Their unusual shape not only adds authenticity, but also fits perfectly into the overall concept of the set.


Today, to be on trend, you need to be able to create your own unique compositions that not only impress, but are also remembered by your guests. Experiment with us and feel free to combine collections and brands in one set.

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