Serving set Spring freshness

Сервировочный сет Весенняя свежесть

Spring is a time of renewal, new beginnings and warmer weather. As the world outside begins to bloom and bloom, it's the perfect time to update your home's decor and bring a little spring spirit indoors.

And what could be better than a beautifully decorated table? Whether it's a family gathering, a special occasion, or just a cozy evening with loved ones, thoughtful ambiance can add mood to any dish and set the tone for the meal.

This month we really missed the vitamin freshness that shades of greenery and sun rays give. Therefore, we decided to fill this gap in our serving!

One great way to set the tone for a spring table is to use bright, bold colors and playful patterns. For example, we decided to use a gorgeous olive tablecloth as the backdrop for our spring decor.

Olive color is one of the main trends of 2023.

The deep green hue creates a warm, earthy atmosphere while adding a pop of color to the table setting.

The highlight of our table was the Seaside Maiolica plates from Tognana , which impressed us with a stunning Mediterranean-inspired design with vibrant blue, green and yellow accents. The intricate pattern creates a sense of depth and texture, making each piece a work of art in its own right.

The best part is that each plate is unique, because the pattern is not repeated twice. Originality of products is another trend for 2023.

Now you don’t have to set the table with a whole set of identical dishes! This year, variety is in fashion: you can use dishes from different brands and series, or, like us, opt for an original texture.

To complement the plates, we chose green glass glasses from Probar . A delicate dark olive shade adds elegance to the table setting and, at the same time, plays off the lighter tone of the tablecloth.

Colored glass glasses are especially popular every spring and summer season. They can be found especially often in wedding table settings.

But why deny yourself pleasure if you can enjoy drinks from bright and stylish glasses every day?

To complement the existing composition, we chose Venus conceptual cutlery , which is distinguished by an elegant modern design with a slight touch of grunge style. The cutlery perfectly complements more traditional plate designs, adding a rebellious touch to our serving style.

And to tie everything together, we used olive wood mills from the French brand – Peugeot. The mills are made of natural olive wood, which perfectly resonates with the main color scheme in this fresh spring-summer table setting.
A fresh table setting like this is a perfect example of how to incorporate fashion trends into your spring table decor.

Bold, bright colors are a must this season, and the use of playful patterns adds liveliness to table settings. Mixing and matching different textures creates a sense of contrast that makes each element stand out even more.

In general, a beautiful table setting in spring can give a feeling of renewal of nature and revitalization of the season, inspiring you to new achievements and activities.

In general, a beautiful table setting in spring can give a feeling of renewal of nature and revitalization of the season, inspiring you to new achievements and activities.

So experiment with different color combinations, mix and match different patterns and textures and see what spring magic you can create.

After all, your possibilities are endless!

And we are always happy to inspire you to do something new :)

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