Serving set Wine tasting

Сервировочный сет Винная дегустация

When preparing a wine tasting, you need to be especially careful when choosing glasses. Bordeaux and Burgundy types of glasses are used for tasting red wine. Their bowl is higher and wider. This allows the aroma of the drink to be better revealed.

Glasses for white wine are smaller in volume, since the aroma is more volatile and less intense.

The diameter of the rim affects the density of the aroma as it leaves the glass: smaller diameter, higher concentration. Tasting glasses should be colorless, transparent and made of thin glass. The stem should be no shorter than 4-5 cm, so that the wine does not heat up from the warmth of your hands.

In this set we used glasses “Le Vin” from Rona, “Taste” from Schott Zwiesel and “Sublim” from Chef&sommelier.

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