The magic of Morocco in serving and coffee rituals

Магия Марокко в сервировке и кофейных ритуалах

Morocco is a country of rich history and beauty, where Arab, Persian, European and African cultural influences merge, creating a surprisingly exotic and multifaceted world. This rich mixture of cultures is expressed in the Moroccan style of serving, which transports us to the streets of Marrakech with its mysterious atmosphere and oasis aromas.

A wide range of Kompleks-Bar tableware helped us bring this exotic table setting to life.

The color scheme is an integral part of Moroccan design . A modern incarnation of Moroccan interiors draws attention to neutral shades of sand, beige and white, while a traditional look reveals fuchsia, purple and royal blue. These bold colors add exotic drama, immersing you in a unique atmosphere. Focusing on a modern interpretation, our choice fell on the original Steelite cups and saucers from the Visuvius Amber collection. The deep dark brown color with white porcelain elements creates expressive accents. Additional splendor is added by rosettes, an open sugar bowl and a ceramic pot with accent drips and transitions of turquoise color from the Erboso Reativo series from Borisov Ceramics.


A key feature of Moroccan culture is hospitality, which is inherent even in the way the table is served. Large low tables bring families and friends together, leaning on soft cushions, creating an atmosphere of coziness and intimacy.


The art of Moroccan style is revealed in detail . Ornate lanterns and tapestries create a deep and mysterious character for the dining space. Textiles play a significant role, bringing luxury and comfort. The shapes and patterns of the dishes are dialogically intertwined with the design of the surrounding interior. An example of this is the “Ro Design Bai Kevala” salad bowl , trimmed to resemble snake skin, which looks harmonious with Moroccan lanterns and vases.

Coffee has been at the heart of Moroccan culture for centuries. Since its first appearance with Arab traders, coffee rituals have gradually become an integral part of Moroccan life. Unique coffee traditions, different from the usual tea drinking of the region, are woven into the history and social life of Morocco. Copper cezves from Complex Bar will help you feel this unique atmosphere.


Moroccan cuisine is a storehouse of aromas and tastes. The blend of spices, including the signature harissa and the traditional ras el hanout blend, creates a unique and sensory experience. The tagine, a symbol of Moroccan gastronomy, envelops you in the magic of an aromatic stew and a magnificent harmony of flavors. We chose tagine from the Tiramisu series from Borisov Ceramics - its craft aesthetics fit perfectly with modern Moroccan style.


Serving in Moroccan style is a true journey into the world of mysterious aromas, sophisticated elegance and multifaceted culture. Each element of the table embodies history and tradition, connecting us to the days when hospitality and the culinary arts weaved people together in a harmonious symphony.

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